Covid-19 and disruption of innovation processes

— Prof. Dominique Foray participated in a debate on Forum RTS to discuss how crisis create innovation opportunites in certain domains.


New publication in the Journal of Technology Transfer

— Prof. Dominique Foray has published a new article entitled "The formation of Coasean institutions to provide university knowledge for innovation: a case study and econometric evidence for Switzerland"

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The contribution of immigrant inventors to Swiss innovation

— Our researchers Prof. Dominique Foray and PhD Student Gabriele Cristelli together with Francesco Lissoni have written a column in Le Temps.


Redesigning pharmaceutical R&D landscape for post-COVID-19 economy

— The College of Management of Technology is proud to contribute again to the launch of a new platform within the Enterprise for Society Center, connecting researchers of the 3 partenering institutions (UNIL-HEC, IMD and EPFL). In this platform, CDM Faculty member Prof. Dominique Foray explores (with UNIL colleague Prof. Annamaria Conti and IMD Prof. Goutam Challagalla) the pharmaceutical R&D landscape for the post-COVID-19 economy.

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COVID-19: Insights from Innovation Economists

— Innovation economists at the College of Management of Technology have published a report on the COVID-19 crisis. It covers topics such as: why is society investing so little on vaccine research? What roles do patents play in this crisis? How can we assess the short term policy (over)reaction in re-allocating so much funding to this field? And finally what are the lessons for the future?