Chair of Economics & Management of Innovation

CEMI – the Chair of Economics and Management of Innovation – is a research laboratory led by Prof. Dominique Foray to develop teaching and research in the area of economics and management of innovation, knowledge and technology.

As a research team, CEMI strongly believes that effective measures for the promotion of long term economic growth and development through innovation should be based on our understanding of how innovation is generated, distributed and exploited by several actors in the economy. We hope that our research can shed some light on the various aspects of the economics of innovation both in advanced and less developed economies.
CEMI is organizing a research platform (access to relevant databases) that facilitates constructive policy discussion on issues related to science, technology and innovation.

The research interests of CEMI’s international team include many empirical aspects of the economics of innovation:

  • Economics of Environmental Innovation
  • Economics of Knowledge
  • Empirical Economics of Science
  • Innovation and Migration
  • Innovation Policy

Besides, CEMI is heavily investing in research infrastructure by gathering and working on several databases related to technological innovation (e.g. PATSTAT).

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