PERCUTE – Perceptions and Representations in the Caribbean Urban Territories

Dynamics behind the construction of Caribbean urban territories

The research project Perceptions and representations in the Caribbean Urban Territories (PERCUTE) proposes to analyse the dialectics of perceptions and representations of the different stakeholders in the construction of Caribbean urban territories. The research aim is to understand how urban planners and, on the other hand, local populations adapt their strategies and decisions regarding the formation of the urban space, according to their own perceptions and representations. We advance the latter result from dynamics, events, legislations and political decisions that happen both in and out of these urban territories. Thus, PERCUTE will focus on understanding the articulation between these internal and external dynamics, which are deeply intertwined with the construction of Caribbean urban territories – located in this singular region that, given its geography, is influenced by its diaspora, the location of limitrophe powers, or international governmental and non-governmental institutions.

Scientific outputs

Journal article

La réhabilitation d’un territoire portuaire à La Havane : dilemmes, opportunités et contraintes


Rencontres de l’Association francophone d’études caribéennes (AFDEC), Bordeaux, 2018

PhD thesis

La planification urbaine de la Havane, une métropolisation dirigée ? Entre contraintes locales et facteurs exogènes

General information

Team: Diego Mermoud, Olivier Archambeau & Jérôme Chenal

Contact: [email protected]

Funding: Université Paris 8, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne