Research projects

African contributions to global health

Learning from African cities to address with rapid, highly “informal” urbanisation and to assess environmental health determinants

Maps for development

New technologies, citizenship and social appropriation of geographic information

Sensing urban landscapes in Africa

Volunteered collection of visual urban data, and training computer vision models adapted to African contexts

Digitalisation and participatory governance

Digital policies, infrastructure development and youth participation in Saint-Louis and Ziguinchor (Sénégal)

Drought mitigation in sub-Saharan Africa

Mixed methods and multi-criteria decision-making for drought mitigation efforts

Concluded projects (since 2019)

Health and Land-Use Planning

Integrated urban health assessment of the built environment

Future of rural territories

Assessment of ecosystem services as an alternative for spatial planning of rural areas in Switzerland

Looking for optimal density

Addressing the debate on urban sprawl from the complexity sciences

Perceptions and Representations in the Caribbean Urban Territories

Dynamics behind the construction of Caribbean urban territories

Housing and health quality assessment

Links between indoor environments and the occupants’ health status

Cities and urban peripheries in Subsaharan Africa

Understanding the construction of urban peripheries in sub-Saharan Africa

Participatory GIS and rural mobility

Research grant in collaboration between CEAT and the NGOs World Bicycle Relief and Nepal Flying Labs