Collaborative workshop in Birational Geometry

Location:  GA 3 21 at the Bernoulli Center (click on the number of the room for a map)

When: from Monday, July 10 2023, to Friday, July 14 2023

Scope: the aim of this workshop is to bring together young and talented researches in higher dimensional birational geometry. The Bernoulli Center at EPFL will provide an ideal environment to foster discussions and new collaborations in this area of mathematics.

Organizers: Fabio Bernasconi, Stefano Filipazzi, Zsolt Patakfalvi


Fabio Bernasconi (EPFL)

Giulio Codogni (Roma 2)

Stefano Filipazzi (EPFL)

Mirko Mauri (IST Austria)

Joaquin Moraga (UCLA)

Zsolt Patakfalvi (EPFL)

Calum Spicer (King’s College)

Roberto Svaldi (Milano Statale)

Luca Tasin (Milano Statale)

Nikolaos Tsakanikas (EPFL)

Zhixin Xie (Saarbrücken)