We work on lab-on-a-chip devices, optical nano-biosensors, vibrational spectroscopy and FTIR, plasmonics and nano-optics, micro and nanofluidics, and nanofabrication.

The analysis of cell signaling activities such as cytokine secretion provides invaluable insights for understanding the currently incurable diseases and developing novel cell therapies. Unraveling the dynamic signaling profiles requires the implementation of a real-time monitoring methodology for precise analysis.In BIOS, we have developed a powerful nanoplasmonic biosensor based on gold plasmonic nanohole arrays for (…)

Optical imaging devices in the mid-infrared play an important role for a wide range of technological applications in areas such as thermography, automotive safety, and astronomy. The operation of such devices is enabled by the fact that the earth’s atmosphere shows two distinct “windows” of high transmission in the 3-5 μm and 8-12 μm spectral (…)

We use graphene as a new enabling two-dimensional material to improve the versatility and sensitivity of infrared vibrational spectroscopy systems and sensors.Graphene sustains long-lived electron oscillation in the mid-infrared region of the spectrum. By patterning graphene nano-structures, such as nano-ribbons or nano-disks, we can couple infrared light to plasmonic resonances. The high fields in the vicinity of the (…)