Book Chapters

3- “Plasmonics for Ultrasensitive Nanospectroscopy and Biosensing”. Chapter in a new volume on plasmonics from World Scientific. ”, Hatice Altug, A. A. Yanik, R. Adato, S. Aksu, A. Artar, and M. Huang. Editor-in-chiefs are G. Shvets and I. Tsukerman (2012).

2- “NanoPlasmonics: Towards Advanced Chemical and Biological tools”. Invited chapter in a book entitled “Optochemical nanosensors”, Hatice Altug, A. Artar, A. A. Yanik, A. E. Cetin and M. Huang. Editors Cutulo and Arregui. Published by Taylor and Francis (2012).

1- “Photonic Crystal Microcavity Light Sources”. Invited chapter in a book titled “Comprehensive Semiconductor Science and Technology”, Hatice Altug, D. Englund and J. Vuckovic. Editors: P. Bhattacharya, R. Fornari, and H. Kamimura. Published by Elsiver (2011).