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14:45 – 15:30

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Special Note:

Daniel Marchand – Metals – Machine learning for metallurgy. A neural-network potential for Al-Cu – VideoZoom

William Esposito – Zoom

First NameLast NameResearch AreaTitleVideoZoom
AkshayBalgarkashiPhotonicsIntegration of 2D materials with nanostructuresLinkLink
AliceContBiomaterialsBiofilms deform soft surfaces and disrupt epitheliaLinkLink
Amelia Emily-KayEstryQuantumFIB Fabricated Micro-ResonatorsLinkLink
AndreaGiuntoSurfaces & Thin FilmsGeSn as next-generation material for IR photodetectionLinkLink
AnnaMorales MelgaresCeramicsReducing the CO2 emissions of the cement industryLinkLink
AnnaKúkol’ováSurfaces & Thin FilmsThin-film growth of chiral magnets via molecular beam epitaxy for skyrmionic applicationLinkLink
ArmandKurumBiomaterialsStudying tumor cell stiffness to enhance T cell-mediated killingLinkLink
Aysu CerenOkurSoft MaterialsInfluence of Processing Parameters on Encapsulation of Volatile SubstancesLinkLink
Camilla AriettaVael-GarnPolymersUsing drift diffusion to study the sensitivity of trap characterization methodsLinkLink
Cheol YeonCheonSurfaces & Thin FilmsProbing magnetism in atomically thin semiconducting platinum diselenideLinkLink
CristianaBertiPolymersEnhancing therapeutic cancer vaccines using polymeric nanoparticlesLinkLink
DanielMarchandMetalsMachine learning for metallurgy. A neural-network potential for Al-CuLinkLink
DiCuiMetalsAdditive manufacturing of dissimilar metals by laser metal depositionLinkLink
Elias ZsoltStutzSurfaces & Thin FilmsFunctional properties of zinc phosphide for earth-abundant photovoltaicsLinkLink
Elif CansuKursunMetalsMicroscopic Digital Image Correlation Analysis of Strain Distributions Induced by Multiaxial Cyclic LoadingLinkLink
Eva EugeneKurisinkalBiomaterialsSelective Cell Targeting Through Programmable Material EngineeringLinkLink
Friederike KatharinaMetzePolymersControlling the formation and stability of supramolecular host-guest-tethered polymer brushes on silica surfacesLinkLink
GiulioImbalzanoSoft MaterialsUncertainty estimation for molecular dynamics and samplingLinkLink
HaleBilaBiomaterialsSuper-selective surface interactions through engineering of spatial tolerance in DNA-based nanomaterials.LinkLink
Helena LuisaTeixido PedarrosCompositesVisualization of flow patterns by X-ray phase contrast imagingLinkLink
HuiChenCompositesMachine Learning in Phase Analysis of STEM-EDS Spectrum ImagesLinkLink
Jacobus Gerardus RudolphStaalCompositesFrontal polymerisation for microstructural evaluation of dynamic flow behaviourLinkLink
JacquelineGeler KremerPhotonicsBaTiO3-Si Non-volatile optical elementLinkLink
JanVávraMetalsOperando TEM study of nanocrystal catalysts during electrochemical CO2 reductionLinkLink
Jonas De JesusDiaz GomezQuantumStrain-induced Pseudo Magnetic Fields in Topological Semi-metalsLinkLink
KewenLeiBiomaterialsT cell force-responsive drug deliveryLinkLink
KhalilFerjaouiCompositesNanoscale modelling of ionic transport in the porous C-S-H networkLinkLink
LeYuMetalsSignature of anisotropic exchange interaction revealed by vector-field control of helical order in FeGe thin plateLinkLink
Lisa Patricia ElisabethBaderPolymersBacteria-mediated delivery of polymer nanomedicinesLinkLink
LixiaWeiBiomaterialsDevelopment of protein based broad-spectrum antiviral drugsLinkLink
LucianoBorasiMetalsFreeform microcastingLinkLink
Lucile AnnieChassatPolymersPreparation of photoactive supramolecular organic semiconductor nanowiresLinkLink
Margaux Nathalie DominiqueLarcherMetalsPhase transformation induced distortions in red gold alloysLinkLink
Maria CarmenGiordanoSurfaces & Thin FilmsALD-prepared Permalloy Nanotubes: Growth and Spin Waves ConfinementLinkLink
Marvin LennardSchusterMetalsDevelopment of high-strength aluminum alloys for laser-based additive manufacturingLinkLink
MatteoHirschSoft MaterialsNature Inspired Fabrication of Strong Core-Shell HydrogelsLinkLink
MatthiasDiethelmSurfaces & Thin FilmsNovel Electro-Thermal Modeling Approach for DC and AC Solar Cell CharacterizationLinkLink
Michael AlanGiffinPolymersToughening of Semi-aromatic Polyamides by Amine-terminated PolyethyleneLinkN/A
Michael DavidKesslerSoft MaterialsEverything in its right place: Controlling on-chip drop immobilization via the geometry of microfluidic trapsLinkLink
MohammadHamdiSurfaces & Thin FilmsTerahertz propagating spin waves in antiferromagnetic spin Hall nano-oscillatorsLinkLink
Mousa Abdulla M EAbuhelaiqaSurfaces & Thin FilmsExamining the effect of ETL/PVK interface on stability of perovskite solar cellsLinkLink
Nicolò MariaDella VenturaMetalsDeformation twinning in MagnesiumLinkLink
Peter JosephFialaSurfaces & Thin FilmsPerovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar CellsLinkLink
Pierre-Luc EloiPiveteauPhotonicsAll-dielectric nanophotonics via glass-fluid instabilitiesLinkLink
QiaoWangCompositesMechanisms of sulfate attack on cement based materials under unidirectional approachLinkLink
RiccardoDe GennaroQuantumSpectral properties of extended systems from Koopmans-compliant functionalsLinkLink
SarraEl HousseiniCeramicsFirst insights on using Calcium aluminate cement in LC3 blendsLinkLink
ShoWatanabeSurfaces & Thin FilmsMagnons in aperiodic worm-like nanochannels of 2D artificial magnetic quasicrystalsLinkLink
TingMaoSoft MaterialsHydrophobic Interaction and its Small Molecule EffectsLinkLink
William Nicolas DuncanEspositoCompositesFunctionalized fiber reinforced composites via thermally drawn multifunctional fiber sensorsLinkLink
YevhenHryshuninPolymersSupramolecular Elastomers and Thermoplasts From High Molecular Weight PolymersLinkLink
YiruYanCompositesEffect of Al in C-S-H in the presence of alkali hydroxideLinkLink
ZhaoMengPolymersSoft Mechanochemisrty of crosslinked polymer networksLinkLink
ZigaCasarCeramicsAtomistic Modeling of C-S-H with incorporated Zinc, and other minor elementsLinkLink