What is behind the scenes of mining?

Conference by Eric Mokuoa


Switzerland has gradually become one of the main hubs in raw materials trading, welcoming numerous transnational companies. For instance, 60% of metals trading occurs in Switzerland. Yet the backstage is not that shining: population relocation, inhuman work conditions, public health issues and environmental damages paint a grim picture of the mining industry.
Originating from a mining town in the north of Johannesburg, Eric Mokuoa perfectly understands the negative impacts of mining on populations and the environment. He works for the Bench Marks Foundation, which advocates for corporate responsibility and respect for human rights and environment. As a guest speaker of Bread for all and the Swiss Catholic Lenten Fund, he will explain his work with the local communities.

NB. The conference will be in English.

When: March 8th, 12:15

WhereCM 5, EPFL

Information[email protected]


Conference in partnership with Ingénieur du monde and the Swiss Lent Campaign