Writing an article for EPFL Magazine

EPFL Magazine serves the EPFL community, and all members are encouraged to contribute articles to it. Published articles only reflect the opinion of their authors. It is the fruit of a revamped editorial process that offers contributing writers assistance in structuring their articles and getting their point across. When each issue is being prepared, Mediacom holds an editorial meeting for all contributors in order to discuss their articles and help improve them (see the editorial calendar in the right-hand column). Some time is also devoted to identifying topics of interest for future issues, which may be written by either contributors or the editorial staff.

Articles can only be reproduced, in whole or in part, with the permission of the editorial team and writers.

Editorial guidelines

Contributors must inform the editorial team that they wish to publish an article in the upcoming issue at the editorial meeting at the latest. The editorial team will determine the number of characters. Articles must be submitted in Word by the submission deadline (see the Editorial Calendar). Every article must have a title and an introductory paragraph and be signed by the contributor (mentioning the person’s last name, first name, position, unit and section). The editorial staff is there to provide assistance in writing articles.

Illustrations should be provided separately in jpg format, in high enough resolution for printing (300 dpi for 13x18cm). The editorial team reserves the right not to include the illustrations provided.

The editorial team also reserves the right to shorten any articles that are too long and to change an article’s title and subtitles. The editorial team is in charge of laying out articles for print. When a laid-out article is sent to the contributor, this is only a courtesy and not for sign-off.

Articles should be sent to: [email protected]

Letters to the editor

Send us your letter or opinion piece at [email protected]

Rules of the game

EPFL Magazine welcomes your letters and opinions on EPFL-related topics, provided the text is limited to 1200 characters (including spaces) and is signed. The title of the letter may be modified and the size reduced by the wording. Insults, personal attacks or unfounded accusations, petitions, poems will not be published. The editorial board of EPFL Magazine reserves the right to publish or not a proposed text.