We’re pleased to announce the launch of Dimensions, EPFL’s new magazine that showcases the cutting-edge research being done at our School through a series of in-depth articles, interviews, portraits and news highlights.

Dimensions will be published four times a year in both English and French. It will be sent to anyone who wants to subscribe as well as contributing members of the EPFL Alumni Club. It will also be distributed free of charge on EPFL’s campuses.

The first issue will be released on 18 June 2021 with a print run of 35,000 copies.


Un personnage pixellisé, face à une ville faite entièrement de pixels © Laurent Bazart / EPFL 2021

DOSSIER What might it be like to live in a simulated world? How close might we be to finding out, or do we live in one already? 

Portrait de Rodrigo Schmidt devant le logo d'Instagram © Rodrigo Schmidt

INTERVIEW EPFL alumnus Rodrigo Schmidt has a unique insight into Facebook and Instagram: over the last 15 years, he’s directed engineering at both.


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Suzanne Setz

Editorial Manager
Emmanuel Barraud