Dimensions is a magazine that showcases the cutting-edge research being done at EPFL through a series of in-depth articles, interviews, portraits and news highlights.

Dimensions will be published four times a year in both English and French. It will be sent to anyone who wants to subscribe as well as contributing members of the EPFL Alumni Club. It will also be distributed free of charge on EPFL’s campuses.


Couverture du magazine n°8 de Dimensions

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llustration combinant plusieurs éléments (personnes, ordinateurs, architectures, etc) créée avec Midjourney par Alexandre Sadeghi

DOSSIER Newly released online interfaces have brought powerful artificial intelligence programs within everyone’s reach.

Ghita Mezzour, Ministre de la Transition numérique et de la Réforme administrative au Maroc © Droits réservés

INTERVIEW Ghita Mezzour has been Morocco’s Minister Delegate in Charge of Digital Transition and Administrative Reform since October 2021. In that role, she is intent on furthering her career-long goal of using digital technology to make a positive impact on society.

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