Dimensions is a magazine that showcases the cutting-edge research being done at EPFL through a series of in-depth articles, interviews, portraits and news highlights.

Dimensions will be published four times a year in both English and French. It will be sent to anyone who wants to subscribe as well as contributing members of the EPFL Alumni Club. It will also be distributed free of charge on EPFL’s campuses.


Couverture du magazine n°10 de Dimensions

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Illustration représentant plusieurs aspects de lachaîne alimentaire humaine: des animaux (poules, cochons, poissons), des usines, un caddie rempli à ras-bord, des camions et des transpalettes, et une gigantesque poubelle remplie de déchêts © 2023 Albin Christen / EPFL

DOSSIER To build a sustainable future we’ll need to return to a farm-to-table model, and that’s opening up vast and exciting avenues of research for scientists in an array of fields.

Portrait de Madiha Derouazi, diplômée de l'EPFL © Liliroze

INTERVIEW After obtaining her PhD from EPFL in 2005, Madiha Derouazi embarked on a venture that few people believed in: creating a vaccine to treat cancer. Yet she went on to develop her technology, and founded a business – AMAL Therapeutics – to market it.

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