Dimensions is a magazine that showcases the cutting-edge research being done at EPFL through a series of in-depth articles, interviews, portraits and news highlights.

Dimensions will be published four times a year in both English and French. It will be sent to anyone who wants to subscribe as well as contributing members of the EPFL Alumni Club. It will also be distributed free of charge on EPFL’s campuses.


Couverture du magazine n°11 de Dimensions

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Photos et illustrations  de glaciers par Laurence Piaget-Dubuis

DOSSIER Between unusually mild winters and record-breaking summers, glaciers have never been under greater threat than now. But is it too late? This special issue looks at the future of these ice giants.

Portrait de Metin Arditi © DR/DR

INTERVIEW A successful writer, philanthropist and business man: Metin Arditi, a physics graduate from EPFL’s precursor EPUL, has followed each of these pursuits with passion and a remarkably free spirit.

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