Dimensions is a magazine that showcases the cutting-edge research being done at EPFL through a series of in-depth articles, interviews, portraits and news highlights.

Dimensions will be published four times a year in both English and French. It will be sent to anyone who wants to subscribe as well as contributing members of the EPFL Alumni Club. It will also be distributed free of charge on EPFL’s campuses.


Couverture du magazine n°7 de Dimensions

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Une illustration représentant une multitude d'objets scientifiques (microscope, livres, fioles, règle en T...) gravitant autour d'un globe terrestre © Mathias Hängärtner

DOSSIER People can be plunged into hardship for all kinds of reasons, from war, famine and epidemics to poverty, pollution and climate change. Scientists and engineers at EPFL and elsewhere are rolling out initiatives to improve the lives of affected communities.

Portrait de Carolina Ödman © DR

INTERVIEW Carolina Ödman completed her physics degree at EPFL in 2000. After dreaming of studying philosophy as a child, Ödman went on to become a leading figure in astrophysics with several prestigious awards to her name. She’s also been involved in a number of science outreach initiatives throughout her highly international career.

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