Celebration of Mathematics at EPFL

Saturday 25th November 2023 – Forum Rolex

Celebration of Mathematics at EPFL – 2023

EPFL’s Celebration of Mathematics took place on 25th November 2023

The aim of this event was to promote EPFL’s mathematical excellence in all its forms, enabling the general public, enthusiasts and experts in the field to come together in a great celebration of math.

11 am – 2 pm 15 years of Euler courses at EPFL (on invitation only)

1 pm – 4 pm Maths Exhibition

An interactive space dedicated to fun ways to discover all EPFL has to offer in the field of mathematics.

4 pm – 6:30 pm Official Ceremony – Mathematical excellence at EPFL

Location: Forum Rolex, Rolex Learning Center, EPFL Lausanne campus

Access: The EPFL campus can be accessed easily by public transport, and we strongly encourage you to prioritise this means of travelling, as parking spaces are limited. The EPFL access page lists all available options to access the campus.

For any questions, please contact: [email protected]