The musical preparation of the orchestra is carried out by the Konzertmeister-in, who is appointed for each programme by the commitee.

Angelina Zurzolo

Angelina Zurzolo fell in love with the violin as a child and has devoted her life to it. Having received her baccalaureate and DEM at the CRR de Bourgogne, she continued to perfect her skills under the guidance of Pierre-Olivier Queyras and Sergey Ostrovsky, with whom she completed her master’s degree in music education at the HEMU.

She also has extensive orchestral experience, having been a co-soloist with the Jeune Orchestre Européen Hector Berlioz and having performed with the Orchestre Victor Hugo-Franche Comté, with the Orchestre Victor Hugo-Franche Comté, the Orchestre du festival Musique en ré and the orchestra Les Siècles, all under the direction of Jean-François Verdier, François-Xavier Roth and Michel Legrand.

Previous Konzertmeisters

  • Konstantīn Paturskis (Spring 2015)
  • Lilia Chepikova (Fall 2014)
  • Marta Spārniņa (Fall 2013 – Spring 2014)
  • Ken Lila Ashanti (Fall 2015 – Spring 2020)