Science and Culture

Callista (EPFL-UniL Association in Astronomy)
Cinéclub (AGEPoly Commission)
Dame Blanche (AGEPoly Commission – Chess club)
EPFL and UNIL Student Chamber Orchestra (SChO)
EPFL & UNIL Wine Society (Oenology Association)
FB (Radio Fréquence Banane)
GNU Generation (AGEPoly Commission – Promotion for free Applications)
Ishi Go Club (AGEPoly Commission – GO Players)
Musical (AGEPoly Commission)
Club Photo (AGEPoly Commission – Photography Club)
PET (Theatrical Expression Pole)
PIXELS (Gaming Association Culture)
PolyJapan (AGEPoly Commission – Promotion of Japanese Culture)
PolyLan (AGEPoly Commission – PC Games)
Polyprog (Association of EPFL Students promoting programmation and algorithmic)
RoboPoly (AGEPoly Commission – Robots Contest)
Rocket Team (construction and rocket launch)
SHAPE (Society of Heteroclites Artists practicing sketch)

EPFL Partner Associations

AUMC (Academic Association of Chamber Music)
CHUL (Academic Chor Association in Lausanne)
OSUL (Lausanne Academic Symphonic Orchestra)