Science & Culture

Callista (EPFL-UniL Association in Astronomy)
Cinéclub (AGEPoly Commission)
Dame Blanche (AGEPoly Commission – Chess club)
Lausanne Students Chamber Orchestra (OChE)
EPFL & UNIL Wine Society (Oenology Association)
FB (Radio Fréquence Banane)
GNU Generation (AGEPoly Commission – Promotion for free Applications)
Ishi Go Club (AGEPoly Commission – GO Players)
Musical (AGEPoly Commission)
Club Photo (AGEPoly Commission – Photography Club)
PET (Theatrical Expression Pole)
PIXELS (Gaming Association Culture)
PolyJapan (AGEPoly Commission – Promotion of Japanese Culture)
PolyLan (AGEPoly Commission – PC Games)
Polyprog (Association of EPFL Students promoting programmation and algorithmic)
Quantum Computing association (Promoting activities in the field of quantum computing)
RoboPoly (AGEPoly Commission – Robots Contest)
Rocket Team (construction and rocket launch)
SHAPE (Society of Heteroclites Artists practicing sketch)
[email protected] (Promotion and popularization of space sciences)

EPFL Partner Associations

AUMC (Academic Association of Chamber Music)
CHUL (Academic Chor Association in Lausanne)
OSUL (Lausanne Academic Symphonic Orchestra)