Competence centre

ecoinvent Centre

ecoinvent Centre is a non-profit association. Its vision is to help people all around the world do high quality environmental assessments more easily. The database provides well documented process data for thousands of products, helping you make truly informed choices about their environmental impact.

Partenership: EPFLETHZ, Agroscope, PSI, EMPA

Competence Center Energy and Mobility

The Competence Center Energy and Mobility contributes to the development of a more sustainable energy system. Research focuses on the efficient provision of energy services, efficient and zero-emission energy conversion and on the substitution of fossil energy carriers by low-CO2 primary energies.

Partnership: EPFLETHZPSI, EMPA, eawag, WSL

Competence Center Environment and Sustainability

The overall strategic goals of the Competence Center Environment and Sustainability of the ETH Domain (CCES) are to foster major advancements in research; to establish the CCES partners as international and national focal points for environment and sustainability as well as a strong wide-ranging education and outreach program; to achieve a long-term structuring effect lasting beyond the completion of CCES and a visible societal impact with a focus on socio-economic implementation.

Partnership: EPFLETHZPSI, EMPA, eawag, WSL


Novatlantis is a platform to promote the exchange of research results and technological innovations between the various institutes of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and representatives of both the public sector and private companies in the domain of sustainability. It applies the latest results from research conducted at ETH institutions to help secure the sustainable development of large urban centers and to provide models of how to implement the long-term vision of the 2000 Watt society (with the 1-ton CO2 aim). One of the most important milestones reached in the year 2010 was the formation of the Agency for the 2000 Watt society.

Partnership: EPFLETHZ, ETH-RATPSI, EMPA, eawag, WSL