Energy Science and Research

One of the major societal challenges today relates to climate change, where it has become evident that it is necessary to reduce CO2 emissions for a more sustainable planet by pursuing and relying on alternative energy sources.

The School of Engineering is keen on supporting and enhancing EPFL’s leadership in Energy Science, where EPFL is currently ranked #4 in the World according to the 2022 Shanghai Rankings.

Our experts works, for example, in Thermal Transport and Energy, in Energy Storage Systems, in Battery Materials, in Hydropower, and in Energy Storage Systems. Learn more about the professors working on Energy Science.

The School of Engineering favors an integrated approach toward technologies for sustainable energy sources and carbon neutrality and aims to continue to strengthen its presence in the core domains of power and energy systems, hydropower, photovoltaics, energy storage technologies, synthetic fuels, and biofuels.

Explore the exciting frontier of sustainable technologies through our groundbreaking startups. These dynamic ventures, nurtured within our ecosystem, are driving transformative solutions to reshape the energy landscape.

We’re proud partners with EPFL’s leading centers dedicated to advancing sustainable solutions. These collaborative hubs are at the forefront of research, driving innovations in renewable energy, smart grids, and beyond.

Discover the unparalleled opportunities for education, research, and hands-on experience that the School of Engineering offers. Join the next generation of energy pioneers and contribute to a world powered by cutting-edge solutions.


Discover the latest strides in Energy Science at the School of Engineering. Our expert teams in diverse fields are driving innovations with a singular goal – positive societal impact. Explore the latest news on our groundbreaking work in renewable energy, efficiency, and more, as we shape a cleaner and sustainable tomorrow.

Presentation of the Soleva campervan at the "PVinMotion2024" conference, organized by CSEM © CSEM

Self-powered solar campervan embarks on Swiss tour

— The Swiss technology innovation center CSEM has announced that Soleva, a campervan powered by 100% self-produced solar energy, has begun a tour of Switzerland. The project of EPFL alumni, the campervan is equipped with lightweight solar panel technology developed by CSEM in collaboration with EPFL's Thin-Film Photovoltaics Lab (PV-Lab).

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Energy scientists unravel the mystery of gold's glow

— EPFL researchers have developed the first comprehensive model of the quantum-mechanical effects behind photoluminescence in thin gold films; a discovery that could drive the development of solar fuels and batteries.

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Swiss energy study shows transformative potential of decentralization

— Researchers from EPFL and HES-SO Valais Wallis have published a study outlining a path to a more sustainable energy future for Switzerland. The study emphasizes the importance of local energy solutions, and the role of decentralized systems for community empowerment.

An example of a vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT) © iStock

Machine learning enables viability of vertical-axis wind turbines

— EPFL researchers have used a genetic learning algorithm to identify optimal pitch profiles for the blades of vertical-axis wind turbines, which despite their high energy potential, have until now been vulnerable to strong gusts of wind.

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Appointment of STI professors

— The Board of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology has announced the appointment of professors at EPFL, including three in the School of Engineering (STI).

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