Information Theory and Coding

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Special Announcements

Midterm Exam (40%)

    • Midterm date: 29 October, Place: ELA2 and DIA 004.
    • Closed book, closed notes.
    • ONE two-sided A4 cheat sheet allowed.

Graded Homework (10%)

    • Due Tuesday, December 3, at the beginning of the exercise session. You can prepare handwritten or typewritten sheets for the solutions.

Final Exam (50%)

    • Final date: 18 January, 08.15-11.15, Place: CE4.
    • Closed book, closed notes.
    • TWO two-sided A4 cheat sheet allowed.

Detailed Schedule

Date Topics Covered Assignment Solutions Remarks
Sep 16 Public Holiday
Sep 17 – Introduction to Source Coding
– Non-singular codes
– Uniquely decodable codes
– Prefix-free codes
– Kraft’s inequality for prefix-free codes
– Kraft’s sum for products of codes
hw1.pdf sol1.pdf
Sep 23 – Kraft’s inequality for non-singular codes

– Kraft’s inequality for uniquely decodable codes

– Reverse Kraft’s inequality

– Expected codeword length

Sep 25

– Entropy as a lower-bound to the expected codeword length

– Existence of prefix-free codes with expected length at most entropy + 1

– Properties of optimal codes

– Huffman procedure

– Equivalence of prefix-free codes and strategies for guessing via binary questions

hw2.pdf sol2.pdf
Sep 30

– Entropy of multiple random variables

– Source coding by describing words of n letters

– Conditional entropy and mutual information

– Chain Rules for entropy and mutual information

– Short reminder for Markov Chains

– Minimal and maximal values of H(U)

– Data Processing inequality

Oct 01

– Entropy Rate

– Entropy rate of Stationary Processes

– Coding Theorem for Stationary Sources

– Fixed-to-Fixed Length Source Codes

– Typicality

– Properties of Typical Sets

– Asymptotic Equipartition Property

hw3.pdf sol3.pdf
Oct 07 – Source Coding via Typicality

– Finite state machine (FSM) compressors

Oct 08 -Invertible machines, information lossless (IL) machines

– Lower bound to the output length for IL FSMs

hw4.pdf sol4.pdf
Oct 14  (Lecture by Ruediger Urbanke)

– Communication channels

– memoryless/stationary channels, communication without feedback

– C(W) = max I(X;Y), examples with binary erasure channel and binary symmetric channels

-Multi-letter Fano’s Inequality

Oct 15 (Lecture by Ruediger Urbanke)-Weak converse of noisy channel coding theorem

-The necessity part of KKT condition for capacity achieving input distribution.

hw5.pdf sol5.pdf
Oct 21 -Review of the last lecture

-The sufficiency part of KKT condition for capacity achieving input distribution.

-Computation of capacity C(W).

Oct 22 -Information Lossless machines cont.

-Lempel Ziv Algorithm

hw6.pdf sol6.pdf Some old midterm exams



Oct 28 – Channel coding theorem

– Channels with input cost

– Proofs by random constructions

Oct 29 Midterm midterm.pdf midsol.pdf histogram
Nov 4 Exercise session
(No lecture)
hw7.pdf sol7.pdf
Nov 5 -Differential Entropy

-Properties of Differential Entropy

Nov 11 -Relationship between H(X) and h(X)

-Entropy of Gaussian R.Vs

-Capacity of Gaussian Channel

Nov 12 -Parallel Gaussian Channels, water-filling

-Bandlimited AWGN Channels

hw8.pdf sol8.pdf
Nov 18 – Hamming codes- Hamming weight

– Hamming distance

Notes on coding
Nov 19 – Sphere-packing bound- Gilbert bound

– Singleton bound

– Linear codes

– Generator and parity check matrices

hw9.pdf sol9.pdf gradedHW


Nov 25 – Polar Codes
Nov 26 – Polar Codes hw10.pdf sol10.pdf
Dec 2 – Polar Codes
Dec 3 -Rate-Distortion Theory hw11.pdf sol11.pdf
Dec 9 -Rate-Distortion Theory
Dec 10 -Slepian-Wolf Coding hw12.pdf sol12.pdf
Dec 16 -Multiple Access Channels (MAC) (Achievability)
Dec 17 -Multiple Access Channels (MAC) (Converse) hw13.pdf


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