Call for proposals

The Research-IDEAS Fifth call for proposals closed on 31.7.2022.

Past calls

The previous IDEAS calls resulted in the funding of the following projects:

First call:

  • Learning based reconstruction methods for 3D live cell imaging with structured illumination microscopy (Prof. M. Unser)
  • Optical coherence tomography with chipscale Kerr soliton frequency combs (Prof. T. Kippenberg)
  • SPAD array for confocal microscopy (Prof. E. Charbon)

Second call:

  • WormNets: Exploring C. elegans distributed functional networks using whole-animal 3D light microscopy (Prof. D. Van de Ville)
  • Phase Retrieval Instrument with Super-resolution Microscopy (PRISM) (Prof. A. Radenovic)
  • Adaptive illumination for optimal (super-resolution) microscopy (Prof. S. Manley)
  • Super High sensitivity and dynamic range versatile camera for scientific and time resolved imaging (Dr Boukhayma)

Third call:

  • InnoTools (Prof. C. Baur)
  • AI-based Training of Robots for Surgical Tasks (Prof. A. Billard)
  • Robust Verification and Uncertainty Estimation with Deep Neural Networks (Prof. V. Cevher)