Chair of Statistics

Our group centres its research activity around statistical theory and methods. A particular focus at present is statistics of extremes, particularly applications to complex environmental problems. Other interests include computational inference tools such as the bootstrap and other Monte Carlo methods and likelihood-based inference, and methods for the analysis of genomic data. Our applications are mostly in the environmental sciences, in biology and in human health. We collaborate with other research groups within the EPFL and outside it, and have links with local industry. We give courses on probability and statistics to students at all levels, and regularly supervise undergraduate and graduate projects in our areas of interest.

How to find us

We are located on the east side of the first floor of the mathematics building, facing the Avenue Piccard bus stop and post office. If you get lost, don’t panic; so does everyone else.


  • If you wish to undertake a PhD in statistics at EPFL, you should apply here.
  • We do not provide summer projects for students from other institutions. Any emails about them will be ignored.