Biofilms in porous environments

Biofilms regulate ecosystem processes and bioremediation in porous ecosystems. However, the biophysical underpinnings of their ecological success remain poorly understood. Combining experiments with fluidic devices, sequencing and modeling, we explore how biofilm architectures develop in porous space. We are specifically interested in potential ecological traits that multi-species biofilms have developed to cope with the physical and chemical environment they may encounter in porous landscapes. At the same time, biofilms in porous space may affect hydrodynamics and the transport of bacterial cells. We do also study these coupled processes. This research shall help to better understand the complex porous environment of streambeds.

PhD student: David Scheidweiler; EPFL scientist: Dr. Hannes Peter; Research Technician: Dr. Paraskevi Pramateftaki; Collaboration with Prof. Pietro del Anna UNIL

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