Highly compact power converters

high power density converters with embedded liquid cooling

Our group is working to demonstrate high-efficiency power converters using new wide-band-gap semiconductor devices and integrated cooling to reach very high power densities.

In a system level, we developed microfluidic cold plates that were attached to 20 GaN power transistors to cool a 2.5kW multi-level converter. A small thermal resistance of 0.2 K/W was measured at a flow rate of 1.2 ml/s and a pressure drop of 600 mbar. Experimental results show a 10-fold increase in power density compared to conventional cooling. This offers a new thermal-management approach to achieve more compact and efficient power converters.

To demonstrate the potential of embedded cooling in a semiconductor device, we monolithically integrated a full-bridge rectifier onto a single GaN-on-Si die. Rectification was provided using four high-performance tri-anode Schottky barrier diodes with a breakdown voltage of 1.2 kV and high-frequency capability up to 5 MHz. To fully benefit from the compactness of high-performance microchannel cooling, a three-layer PCB with embedded coolant delivery channels was developed and used to guide the coolant to the device. 

Another example of high power density converter was demonstrated through a full-scale optimization of a kilowatt-range megahertz-class boost converter based on the impulse rectification, proposed by our group.

To increase its power density, the entire power stage and for high efficiencies over wide frequency ranges, high-performance gallium nitride transistors are employed and various high-frequency materials (MnZn, NiZn, and air) with different geometries are compared to realize a wide-bandwidth inductor. The optimized converter enabled a peak efficiency of 98.6% along with an ultrahigh power density of 52 kW/l (850 W/in3)

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