Open positions

Position: Postdoctoral Fellow

Keywords: microbiology; microtechnology; atomic force microscopy (AFM); time-lapse optical microscopy; single-cell analysis; infectious diseases; microtissue infection models; organoid; organ-on-chip; organoid-on-chip; antibiotics; persistence; recurrent infection

This position will be a joint appointment in the labs of Prof. John McKinney (School of Life Sciences) and Prof. Georg Fantner (School of Engineering). We are looking for a highly motivated Postdoctoral Fellow to lead a project using live-cell imaging and state-of-the-art microtissue models of pulmonary and urinary tract infections to study bacterial pathogenesis, persistence, and recurrence in the antibiotic-treated host. The ideal candidate will have a background in (bio)engineering and hands-on experience with atomic force microscopy (AFM).

For more information, please contact Prof. John McKinney ([email protected]).

Background Reading (*Senior Authors):

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