Open positions

Interdisciplinary PhD at the interface of microbiology, microtechnology, and clinical infectious diseases

We are looking for a highly motivated PhD student to lead a project using live-cell imaging and state-of-the-art microtissue models of urinary tract infections (UTIs) to evaluate “metabolic potentiation” as a novel therapeutic strategy, with an emphasis on hard-to-treat bacterial biofilms associated with indwelling medical devices. A background in microbiology, bioengineering, or microengineering is preferred but not required.

The student will be based in the Laboratory of Microbiology & Microtechnology at EPFL but will also work closely with our clinical collaborators at the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV): Dr. Sylvain Meylan (Attending Physician in Infectious Diseases) and Dr. Beat Roth (Head of Urology).

For more information, please contact Prof. John McKinney ([email protected]).

Background Reading:

Sharma K, Dhar N, Thacker VV, Simonet TM, Signoriono-Gelo F, Knott GW, McKinney JD (2021) Dynamic persistence of UPEC intracellular bacterial communities in a human bladder-chip model of urinary tract infection. eLife 10: e66481 PMID: 34219648.

Sharma K, Thacker VV, Dhar N, Clapés Cabrer M, Dubois A, Signorino-Gelo F, Mullenders J, Knott G, Clevers H, McKinney JD (2021) Early invasion of the bladder wall by solitary bacteria protects UPEC from antibiotics and neutrophil swarms in an organoid model. Cell Reports 36: 109351 PMID: 34289360.

Meylan S, Andrews IW, Collins JJ (2018) Targeting antibiotic tolerance, pathogen by pathogen. Cell 172: 1228-1238 PMID: 29522744.