Databases and computational tools

– Solar Fuels DataBase

Collection of performance characteristics of solar fuels (hydrogen) demonstrations by photoelectrochemistry: online database – Solar Fuels Database (SolarFuelsDB) – available at Launch of databse was at our workshop (December 6-7, 2021). Publication in preparation.

POPe – Performance Optimization of Photoelectrodes

Rapid material viability assessment for photoelectrode materials: online version – Performance Optimization of Photoelectrodes (POPe) – available here

Based on publication: Y. K. Gaudy, and S. Haussener. Rapid Performance Optimization Method for Photoelectrodes, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, doi: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.9b04102, 2019.

SPECDO – Solar PhotoElectroChemical Device Optimization

Holistic design guidelines for photo-electrochemical devices: online version – Solar PhotoElectro-Chemical Device Optimization (SPECDO) – available here

Based on publication (open access): M. Dumortier, S. Tembhurne, and S. Haussener. Holistic design guidelines for solar hydrogen production by photo-electrochemical routes, Energy Environmental Science, vol. 8, p. 3614 – 3628, 2015.

SPECDC – Solar PhotoElectroChemical Device Comparison

Structured device performance comparison for photo-electrochemical devices: online version – Solar PhotoElectroChemical Device Comparison (SPECDC) – available here

Based on publication: S. Tembhurne, F. Nandjou, and S. Haussener. A thermally synergistic photo-electrochemical hydrogen generator operating under concentrated solar irradiation, Nature Energy, doi: 0.1038/s41560-019-0373-7, 2019.