The Laboratory of Renewable Energy Science and Engineering (LRESE) at STI investigates the conversion of renewable energies (solar, wind, biomass, hydro and geothermal) into storable fuels, materials and commodities. A special focus lies on novel, solar driven energy conversion processes based on solar thermal, thermochemical and electrochemical processes. In-depth numerical and experimental investigation of the processes, devices, reactors and systems are followed by protoype design, proof of concept, optimization and scale-up (research and publications). Various facilities, such as a high-flux solar simulator, are used for the experimental investigation of the processes. Additionally, experimental facilities for the detailed characterization of complex multi-phase media – present in the processes investigated – are designed and available (facilities). The head of the laboratory is Prof. Sophia Haussener (people). LRESE is involved in teaching and offers Bachelor, Semester and Master projects as well as doctroal and postdoctoral positions (education and jobs). 

Research activities

Thermal sciences, fluid dynamics, electro-magnetism, and thermo/electro/photochemistry in complex multi‐phase media, on multiple scales, for design of efficient energy conversion and storage processes, reactor and device engineering and system optimization.