Organic Electronic Materials

Organic Electronic Materials (MSE 486)


Introduction to electronic interactions of organic moelcules, charge carrier generation and transport. Synthesis of the most important classes of moelcules for organic electrnoic materials. Overview of organic electronic devices and their fabrication.


This course aims to give an overview of the molecular requirements, the synthesis, and the basic properties of both low molecular weight organic as well as polymer materials aimed at electronic applications, such as organic semiconducting, light-emitting, and photovoltaic materials and devices. Both the industrial preparation and the state of the research concerning the synthesis of conjugated oligomers (such as oligothiophenes, oligophenylenes, and related classes of molecular materials) and conjugated polymers (such as poly(phenylene vinylene)s, polyphenylenes, polythiophenes, and polyanilines) are discussed in detail. Finally, the requirements, preparation, and preoperties of organic electronic devices are discussed, including light-emitting diodes, photovoltaic elements, and organic field-effect transistors.


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