The circulatory system has been the subject of intensive research in the past but many of its aspects and mechanisms are still not fully understood. We implement experimental and computational methods to investigate hemodynamics and cardiovascular biomechanics and to develop useful diagnostic tools. Our goal is not only to achieve a better comprehension of the (…)

Vascular biology is one of the research areas focused by the LHTC. Our projects cover a wide spectrum of objectives, including prevention, diagnosis, and therapies for cardiovascular diseases. Recently, we developed a novel method to measure platelet function in a high-throughput screening format. At the same time, we are screening various compounds to identify potential anti-platelet candidates. (…)

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a widespread multi-causal disorder, that affects many men worldwide. Over 66 million men in EU and US suffer from ED, while 30% of them are non-responsive to oral drugs. Men non-responsive to drugs resort to penile implants or intra-penile injections of vasodilators. However, penile implants require an invasive and destructive procedure, (…)