Workshop: Aesthetics of Data

For the last two days we have been very lucky to have the landscape architect Liam Mouritz leading our students in a workshop entitled, ‘Aesthetics of Data.’ Combining algorithmic technique with state-of-the-art datasets Liam has worked with our students to create critically-articulate, and visually-persuasive cartographies of the Changi airport area in Singapore.
Liam Mouritz practices as a Landscape Urbanist in the London-based studio Groundlab. He is interested in issues of territory, urban design, landscape and architecture and the capacity of digital technologies within these fields. His work explores the possibilities a territorial practice, focusing on the inherently conflicted dynamics driving human occupation, be they urban or remote. As well as practicing, Liam co-teaches the architectural design studio ‘Fluctuating Archipelago’ at Leeds Beckett University.

Aesthetics of Data Workshop

Image credits: MxD and Liam Mouritz