Singapore Studio 01

This fall 2016 our studio site is Changi Business Park in Singapore, a rapidly growing island-nation that has evolved from a port city to a logistics, service and knowledge hub. The site is located at the eastern edge of Singapore, directly adjacent to the Changi Airport; which ranks among the busiest airports in the world and a primary economic force in the nation. In this strategic area Singapore has recently founded the Singapore University of Technology and Design in part to act as an anchor for a new innovation district.
This studio challenges students to imagine how urban form can contribute to the vibrancy of this new district. We study flow, micro-climate, density and diversity, among other factors, and from combinations of these parameters each student generates her or his design for vibrancy. Our urban designs are generated through coded/ recoded growth typologies which draw on urban precedent, context and performative criteria.

Image credits: MxD, Alain Herzog, Google