Lecture: Francis Jacquier

Francis Jacquier, principal at archiplein, joined us today to give a lecture on his experience running an upstart architecture firm in China. He also shared his deep knowledge of the architecture of rural Anhui province.

archiplein is a young architecture group, composed of five partners: Marlène Leroux, Fang Weiyi, Francis Jacquier, Feng Yang and Wang Mingbo. This group aims at a critical analysis among the metropolitan architecture phenomena and its future according to our context of globalisation. Thus their work is constantly enriched by the exchanges between the two sides of the world- west Europe and East Asia. The office is deeply involved in a reflective communication of the present Chinese situation; producing projects, articles, exhibitions and lectures in Germany, France and Hongkong. Their work has been exhibited at the Shenzhen/Hongkong Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism and at the Shanghai Art Biennale.


Image credits: archiplein