Artificial Zürichness – Final Review

Throughout the semester we reflected on what characterizes Zürich, what is Zürichness and if arriving at this solution through machine learning (and Generative Adversarial Networks – GANs) makes the result artificial. Does artificial intelligence create artificial architecture? In the final review, the individual projects resulting from the study were reviewed by a jury composed of invited architects, design critics and scholars. The jury took place over two days in four modules over zoom.

Collective miroboard

Guest Critics:

Camille Bagnoud, Architect, Founder, COCI Studio, London/Lausanne

Mario Carpo, Professor, Bartlett, UK

Irina Davidovici, Architect, Author, GTA, Zurich

Carole Froidevaux, Architect and Founder, COCI Studio, London/Lausanne

Eva Lopesino Gil, Architect and Founder, elii, Madrid, Spain

Tamotsu Ito, Architect, Architect and Founder, tamotsu ito architecture office, Gifu, Japan

Immanuel Koh, Assistant Professor of Architecture, Design and AI, SUTD, Singapore

Vivian Lee, Associate Professor, Director, Master of Architecture, University of Toronto

Nicole McIntosh, Founder and Principal of Architecture Office and Assistant Professor, Austin, Texas, USA

Peter Ortner, Assistant Professor of Architectural Design, SUTD, Singapore

Trevor Patt, Visiting Professor of Architecture, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA

Antoine Picon, Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Alex Sadeghi, Architect and Founder, studiolite, Shanghai, China

Adrien Verschuere, Architect and Founder, Baukunst, Bruxelles, Belgium

Andrew Witt, Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Master project students: Yonah Belaich, Alexandre Bron, Marilyn Brühlmann, Andrea Calzolaro, Guichard Constantin, Micky Gerardi, Lara Giorla, Noémie Girardet, Téo Golay, Charlotte Jianoux, Héloïse Lauret, Ricky Lee, Iluta Lorence, Alba Mulero Manzanero, Beatriz Menéndez Ontañón, Valérie Ovadia, Bryan Parvex, Maylis Pillet, Antoine Prat, Ebrahim Rahmani, Basile Sordet, Alessandro Tiezzi, Albane de Vaulx, Qi Wang

Studio tutors: Christina Doumpioti, Christoph Holz, Mikhael Johanes, Frederick Kim, Gianna Ledermann

Professor: Jeffrey Huang

Image credits: MxD