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Welcome to the Laboratory of Asymmetric Catalysis and Synthesis headed by Professor Nicolai Cramer. We are a young and dynamic research team working on challenges in the areas of asymmetric metal-catalyzed reactions and the synthesis of bioactive natural products.


22.06.2021: Lukasz Ir-catalyzed atropselective oxidative C-H arylation is published in ACIE. Congrats!

03.06.2021: Our longstanding collaboration with the Severin group on alkynyl triazenes resulted in another great result, see Chem Sci publication for Jin-Fay. Congrats!

28.04.2021: Qui-Hien Nguyen successfully defended his thesis. Congrats Hien!

23.04.2021: Josep’s full paper on iridium-catalyzed ionic hydrogenation of the Syngenta collaboration is published in ACIE. Congrats Josep and Tomas!

19.04.2021: Dr. Guoting Zhang joined the group. Welcome Guoting!

01.04.2021: Anastasiia Vorobei joined the group. Welcome Anastasiia!

16.12.2020: John Reed successfully defended his thesis. Congrats Jack!

11.12.2020: Benoit Audic successfully defended his thesis. Congrats Benoit!

23.11.2020: Aragorn’s creative Cp-complexation strategy is published in Organometallics. Congrats Aragorn!

11.11.2020: The enantioselective iron-catalyzed [4+4]-cycloaddition is published in JACS. Congrats to Elena and Alissa!!

01.11.2020: Arthur Despois joined the group as new PhD student. Welcome

28.9.2020: Kristers and Shunsuke’s enantioselective Cobalt-catalysis is published in ACIE. Congrats!

11.09.2020: Elena and Josep won the runner-up prizes for the best poster and oral presentation, respectively, at the SCS fall meeting. Congrats!

11.09.2020: Beatriz Saveedra Guillem from Alicante joined the group as exchange PhD student. Welcome Beatriz!

08.09.2020: The groups review on asymmetric Ir-catalyzed C-H functionalizations is online in Chem. Rev., congrats!

05.09.2020: Josep’s work on Ir-catalyzed asymmetric oxime hydrogenation is now on YouTube! Check it out!! Thanks to Dr. Matthew Horwitz for the invitation at the Synthesis Workshop.

03.09.2020: Jack’s review on phospholene catalysis is online in OCF, congrats!

16.07.2020: The group’s review on chiral Cp ligands is published in ACIE, congrats to the whole team!!

01.07.2020: Dr. Zhen Chen and Dr. Ouidad Lahtigui joined the group, welcome!

29.06.2020: Shou-Guo’s [4+1] functionalization with acrylic acids is published in ACS Catalysis, congrats!

17.06.2020: Benoit’s report on rhodium(III)-catalyzed cyclopropane C-H/C-C functionalization is published in Org. Lett., congrats!

10.06.2020: Elena’s work on chiral naphthyridine ligands for Ni-catalyzed alkylidenecyclopropanations is published in Angewandte, congrats!

05.06.2020: Josep’s powerful Cpx-Iridium hydrogenation of oximes is published in Science, congrats! Results of a great collaboration with Tomas Smejkal at Syngenta!

27.05.2020: Jack’s work on diazaphospholenes appeared in ChemCatChem, congrats!!!

15.05.2020: Coralie’s paper on asymmetric Rh-catalyzed carboamination is published in ACIE, congrats!!!

03.04.2020: Sung Hwan Park successfully defended his PhD thesis at EPFL! Congrats!!

02.03.2020: Dan Forster joins the group as Master student. Welcome Dan!

02.03.2020: Work of Jin-Fay is now published in ACS Catalysis, well done!

01.02.2020: Johannes Klett joins the group for his PhD thesis. Welcome Johannes!

02.03.2020: The paper of Hien on atroposelective Pd-catalyzed C-H functionalization is now in JACS, congrats!! Great collaboration with Olivier Baudoin in Basel!


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