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Welcome to the Laboratory of Asymmetric Catalysis and Synthesis headed by Professor Nicolai Cramer. We are a young and dynamic research team working on challenges in the areas of asymmetric metal-catalyzed reactions and the synthesis of bioactive natural products.


15.09.2023: Marvin joined the group as a new PhD student. Welcome to the LCSA Marvin!

15.06.2023: Sebastian started as a new postdoctoral researcher. Welcome Sebastian!

29.03.2023: Check out SwissCat+: the future of catalyst discovery and optimisation in Chimia!

29.03.2023: Recent work of the NCCR’s in silico catalyst optimisation can be found in Chimia.

24.03.2023: Aragorn Laverny successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congrats Aragorn!

23.02.2023: Check out Guoting’s paper on the DAP-catalyzed asymmetric Aza-Mislow-Evans Rearrangement in ACIE. Congrats!

22.02.2023: Yi-Xuan’s and Matthew’s impressive work on asymmetric Nickel Catalysis is now available on ChemRxiv. Congrats!

01.02.2023: Wilfrido Almaraz joined the group as a new PhD student. Welcome to the LCSA Wilfrido!

01.01.2023: The LCSA wishes everyone a happy and successful new year. We welcome Dr. Sripati Jana as our new postdoctoral researcher!

01.11.2022: Dagmara Maye rejoined the group as a PhD student. Dr. Lenin Verdhi joined the group as a new Postdoc. Welcome Dagmara and Lenin!

03.10.2022: Jason Denizot joined the group as a new PhD student. Dr. Zigmars Leitis joined the group for a visiting research stay. Welcome Jason and Zigmars!

16.09.2022: Adrien’s work on CAAC Transition-Metal Complexes is published in Organometallics. Congrats!

01.08.2022: Anastasiia Vorobei rejoined the group as a new PhD student. Welcome back Anastasiia!

10.05.2022: Ouidad research on merging CpxRh C-H activation and Cp*Ir reductive amination is published in ACS Catalysis. Congrats Ouidad, Dan and Coralie!

14.04.2022: Johannes and Lukasz’s work DAP-catalyzed radical cyclization is published in ACIE. Congrats!

01.03.2022: Kristers Ozols successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congrats Kristers!

01.03.2022: Géraldine Kiechler and Dagmara Maye joined the group for the their Master thesis.

14.02.2022: Johannes and Lukasz’s joined effort on DAP-catalyzed radical cyclization appeared on ChemRxiv. Congrats!

10.01.2022: Felix Seeberger joined the group as visiting PhD student. Welcome Felix!


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