Supramolecular Chemistry
The objective of our work is the synthesis of molecularly defined nanostructures and functional materials by self-assembly. Towards this goal, we use novel types of building blocks such as nanometer-sized clathrochelate complexes. Furthermore, we explore the concept of orthogonal supramolecular chemistry using different reversible interactions such as dative boron-nitrogen bonds, specific metal-ligands interactions, and novel hydrogen-bonding motifs.

Chemistry of Nitrous Oxide (‘Laughing Gas’)
Once used and abused as anesthetic and recreational drug, nitrous oxide (N2O, ‘laughing gas’) is nowadays making the headlines as a greenhouse gas and ozone-depleting substance. We develop novel chemical processes, which allow to do something ‘useful’ with this environmentally problematic gas. Two directions are explored: a) the utilization of N2O as oxidant in in transition metal catalyzed reactions, and b) the utilization of N2O as a building block for more complex organic molecules.

Organometallic Synthesis and Catalysis
We aim to develop novel transition-metal catalyzed processes for fine chemical synthesis. In this context, we use new types of substrates which were recently discovered in our laboratory such as alkynyltriazenes. Furthermore, we use our expertise in transition metal chemistry for the discovery and optimization of new catalysts.