Members of the group

Group Leader        
Osterwalder Andreas Adjunct Professor mail [+41 21 69] 37971 CH C2 397
Adriana Caracciolo Postdoctoral researcher mail [+41 21 69] 35883 CH C2 407
PhD students        
LeDuc Viet Doctoral assistant mail [+41 21 69] 35883 CH C2 407
Project Students        
Loïc Bassement Project Student mail   CH C2 407
Lab  .  . [+41 21 69] 37976 CH C1 407
Former Group Members        
Benny Bertsche Doctoral assistant      
Guilia Domenicantonio Postdoctoral researcher      
Max Parsons Visiting student      
Kevin Reisyan Project student      
Justin Jankunas Postdoctoral researcher      
Solène Oberli Master student      
Siri Cécilia Student      
Ian Oesterle Master student      
Kevin Reisyan Bachelor student      
Gordon Sean Postdoctoral researcher      
Aaron Terpstra Master student      
Arthur Vard Master student      
Raluca-Ana Kessler Master student      
Louis Saix Bachelor student      
Zou Junwen
Doctoral assistant      
Silvia Tanteri Doctoral assistant      
Theo Neukomm Project student      
Louise Foltzer Project student      
Thimoté Jobin Project student      
Louis O’Connell Project student      
Rim Hadidi Postdoctoral researcher      
Credidio Bruno Doctoral assistant      
Gkogkoglou Nikolaos Doctoral assistant      
Jose Antonio Merkelj Project Student