Group for Fibre Optics (GFO)

The core research of our Group is oriented towards advanced applications of optical fibres that range from optical signal processing to sophisticated sensing techniques.

General Information

Important Results For Brain Machine Interfaces

— Data from Mental Work project, conducted as an experimental artwork at EPFL's Artlab, indicates that BMI is robust and accessible to the general public, spurring new research collaborations in Switzerland on user experience.

Lunar mission deep in Zermatt's ice

— On 17 June, students from EPFL and 12 other European universities headed to Zermatt as part of the IGLUNA project. Their mission? To build and demonstrate a prototype lunar habitat in the ice that could one day support human life on the Moon.

EPFLoop team unveils bold and ultralight capsule

— On Wednesday, 29 May, a team of EPFL students – who qualified for this summer’s Hyperloop Pod Competition in Los Angeles – unveiled a prototype they hope will bring home a win.

Using 60% less water in paper production

— An EPFL researcher has developed a mathematical model for optimizing heat transfer in factories and dramatically reducing water and energy consumption. The model could, in theory, cut water use by 60% at a Canadian paper mill and allow the facility to produce as much as six times more power.

Jamie Paik's robots took the stage at the TED conference

— Jamie Paik, the head of EPFL’s Reconfigurable Robotics Lab at the School of Engineering presented her reconfigurable robots at the TED2019 conference in Vancouver on 18 April. Her miniature, versatile devices stand to revolutionize the way robots are used.

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