Research Activities


Distributed Optical Fibre Sensing

Distributed optical fibre sensing has gained a sustained interest during the past decade and has gradually turned into a mature technology, showing growth rates in terms of economic return and technical development outperforming all other classes of fibre sensors. In this section, you will learn more about the different techniques that we use in our lab to achieve distributed fibre sensing.

Light-atom Interaction Using Optical Fibres

Slow and fast light systems are special optical media in which the propagation is strongly altered to produce very slow (or fast) group velocities. Slow & fast light has attracted considerable interest in the photonic community due to its large potential applications. The main target application of slow light so far has been the achievement of all-optical delay lines, all-optical buffers and signal synchronization elements for future all-optical high capacity networks.

Microwave Photonics

Microwave photonics is an interdisciplinary research between radiofrequency (RF) engineering and photo-electronics. Its main field of applications is very divrese, exloreing over broadband wireless networks, radar/satellite communications, sensors and warfare systems and extensively studied over the last few years.