How to reach the EPFL…

The EPFL is located in Ecublens near Lausanne (Switzerland).


By Plane

From one of the Swiss international airports (Geneva, Zurich, or Basel), the most convenient way to reach the EPFL is to take a train from the railway station located at the airport. You also you may rent a car (quite expensive) or take a taxi (outrageously expensive for such distances). You should definitively consider using public transportation.

By Train

The Swiss National Railroad Company (SBB-CFF) timetable search tool will give all the information you need to safely reach the EPFL from almost any city in Europe.
Enter the name of the departure place in the “From” field and put Renens or Lausanne in the “To” field.

From Renens
Buy a ticket (3.70 CHF, this ticket is valid for one hour for an unlimited number of changes) from one of the vending machines (tickets are not sold in the metro).Take the metro M1 (named TSOL) located on the left of your train if you’re arriving from Lausanne or on the right if your coming from Geneva (N.B. the metro is aboveground). There’s a metro every five minutes but you can take a look at the timetable.

Get out at the stop “EPFL” (5th stop).

From Lausanne
Buy a ticket (3.70 CHF, this ticket is valid for one hour for an unlimited number of changes) from one of the vending machines (tickets are not sold in the metro). Take the M2 metro (the station is located outside of the station, on the right of a McDonald’s) and go out at “Lausanne-Flon” (first stop). Once there, go upstairs and take the M1 metro. Go out at the stop “EPFL” (it’s the 9th stop).
You can also reach the “Lausanne-Flon” station by foot. Walk up the street named “Rue du Petit Chêne” (beside a McDonald’s). On the hilltop, cross the road, walk 50m and go down following a path on the left of a sport shop. Timetable.

From metro station to EML

Locate on this map the “M1 EPFL” stop (middle-top) and the CE building (middle-right). Follow the “Route de la Sorge” road to the “Av. Piccard” street, turn right and go straight on as far as you see stairs leading to a pedestrian bridge which is on the first floor. Turning left you should be facing the CE building. Enter and walk until you see a sign for “Cafeteria l’Arcadie” and stairs on the right. Keep walking, and after few steps you should see a terrace on your right, an classroom (CE 101) on your left. Turn right and you’ll see green lockers and a hallway. Our offices are on the left (CE 1 543 / CE 1 544 / CE 1 643 / CE 1 644).

By car

The best way to prepare your trip is to print your travel plan using the following link (viamichelin), so you’ll have detailed information and accurate maps. Anyway, the main lines can be summarize as follows:

  • From Geneva
    • Reach the highway following green traffic signs for “Lausanne”. After 30-40 minutes you should be passing Morges. Five minutes later follow direction “Lausanne Sud” and exit at “UNIL-EPFL”.
  • From Bern / Milano
    • Take the highway and drive in direction of Lausanne. Near Lausanne, stay on the highway and follow the direction “Genève” until you see a sign for “Lausanne Sud”. Then proceed as above.
  • Parking at the EPFL is usually a problem and it is not free. Anyway, here’s all information of official parking place of the EPFL.

By taxi

  • Tell the taxi driver that you want to go to the “EPFL in Ecublens”. The trip should take about 10-20 minutes depending on the traffic. From Lausanne or Renens it will cost about 20-30CHF, but it quickly becomes expensive for more distant cities.

Extra Information

  • Street map of Lausanne : a detailed, zoomable, searchable Street map of Lausanne with a very nice aerial view.