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Welcome to the Emergent Complexity in Physical Systems Laboratory!

We are interested in how seemingly simple physical systems create unexpectedly complex patterns and dynamical behaviour. Examples range from complex laminar turbulent patterns in shear flows to the deformation of droplets in microfluidic applications. We study these systems using several aspects of continuum mechanics and transport theory entwinded with dynamical systems methods and large computer simulations.

Find out more about the People who work here, the Research we do, and our Publications! Also, we propose Master Projects.


23.05.19 – Paper ‘Exact invariant solution reveals the origin of self-organized oblique turbulent-laminar stripes‘ published in Nature Communications – congrats Florian!

09.04.19 – Geoffroy Claisse joined ECPS as visiting PhD student – Welcome!

01.04.19 – Omid Ashtari joined ECPS – Welcome!

12.11.18 – Paper ‘Computing heteroclinic orbits using adjoint-based methods’ published in J. Fluid Mechanics (Rapid Comm.) – congrats Mirko!

22.10.18 – Paper ‘High-throughput multiplexed fluorescence-activated droplet sorting‘ published Microsystems & Nanoengineering

01.09.18 – After years of development, we released Channelflow 2.0 to the public at – feel free to use it! 

18.07.18 – Paper ‘Edge states control droplet breakup in subcritical extensional flows‘ published in Physical Review Fluids

23.05.18 – Simon Schütz defended his PhD — congrats Simon!!

01.12.17 – Paper ‘Stability Landscape of Shell Buckling’ published in in Physical Review Letters

09.01.17 – We welcome Alessia Ferraro as a new PhD student!

15.11.16 – Ayse Yesil joined ECPS as our new PostDoc – Welcome!

01.11.16 – Emilio Lozano joined as new PhD student – Welcome!

01.10.16 – ECPS welcomes Mirko Farano as visiting PhD student!

02.04.16 – Prof. Schneider co-organizes conference ‘Recurrence, self-organization, and the dynamics of turbulence‘ at KITP Santa Barbara in Jan 2017

29.03.16 – The Swiss National Science Foundation supports our shell buckling work with 425 kCHF over three years

28.03.16 – Paper ‘Localized travelling waves in the asymptotic suction boundary layer’ accepted for publication in J. Fluid Mech. (Rapid Comm.) – congrats Tobias K.!!

01.03.16 – Sessions on ‘High-Performance Computing in Fluid Mechanics’ within the PASC 16 conference organized by Profs. Schneider and Gallaire

22.02.16 – Paper on ‘Spatio-temporal Patterns in Inclined Layer Convection‘ accepted for publication in J. Fluid Mechanics – congrats Priya!!

17.02.16 – Paper ‘Homoclinic snaking in plane Couette flow: bending, skewing, and finite-size effects‘ by JF Gibson and TM Schneider accepted for publication in J. Fluid Mechanics