Reconciling Commercial Exploitation of Peat with Biodiversity in Peatland Ecosystems


Type : EU Project, 5th Framework (2003-2006)

Fund : RECIPE is a collaborative research project funded by the European Union Fifth Framework Programme (programme code: EVK2-2002-00269).


Description :

  1. Peatland ecosystems possess a uniquebiodiversity, which may be threatened bycommercial exploitation. At the same time,in many areas of central and northernEurope, peat utilization has been, andcontinues to be, a source of a valuableraw commodity and of income for ruralcommunities. The “wise use of mires andpeatlands” recognizes the validity of bothof these viewpoints and seeks ways ofresolving potential conflicts.
  2. RECIPE aims to provide information toassist both conservationists and managersof peat extraction with options to restorepeat accumulation and C sequestration inpeatlands that have either beenabandoned or designated for restoration.
  3. The approach is to identifycombinations of water table, vegetation,microbiology and chemistry favourable tothe re-establishment of peatland biodiver-sity and long term regeneration, using bothdescriptive and experimental approaches.
  4. These studies are made in the contextof current management practices andtaking account both the feasibility and thesocio-economic benefits.

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Keywords : 

Cutover bogs; Regeneration; Restoration; Biomonitoring; Greenhouse gases; C sequestration; Community ecology; Functional ecology; Secondary succession; Socio-economics; Sustainable management


Participants : 

Ph.D. : Andy Siegenthaler
M.Sc. : Emanuela Samaritani

Supervisors :

  • Alexandre Buttler
  • Edward Mitchell
  • Walter Rosselli


Partnerships :

  • The Macaulay Institute, UK,
  • Universities of Franche-Comté,
  • Nancy 1, Orléans, & Rennes 1, F,
  • University of Helsinki, FIN
  • Technical University of Munich, D
  • UFZ Centre for Environmental Research Leipzig, D
  • University of Neuchâtel
  • LIN’eco, Reconvillier, CH

Study sites : 

La Chaux d’Abel (CH), Le Russey (F), Baupte (F), Pitsligo (UK), Aitoneva (FIN)