Research at ECOS

Current projects

Three mains topics  studed at ECOS:

However, these different topics are interrelated and all members of the team interact with each others on the different research projects.

How studying impacts of climate change or assessing the success of a restoration without understanding ecosystem functioning?

How studying ecosystem functioning without adressing the potential impact of climate change?

Our approaches are based on in-situ observations and/or experimentations, controlled experimentation and modeling. We are particulary interesting in biotic interactions within communities, as well as interaction between aboveground and belowground compartments. How these interactions impact biogeochemical cycles? How belowground fauna impact soil structure and dynamics? How belowground communities alter aboveground plant community structure and dynamics?


Peatlands Pasture-Woodland
vachepaysage vachepaysage
Floodplains Grasslands
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Forests Dry Tropical Forest, Madagascar
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