Prof. Alfredo Pasquarello

Alfredo Pasquarello studied physics at the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa and at the University of Pisa, obtaining their respective degrees in 1986.
He obtained a doctoral degree at the EPFL in 1991 with a thesis on Multiphoton Transitions in Solids. Then, he moved to Bell Laboratories at Murray Hill (New Jersey), where he carried out postdoctoral research on the magnetic properties of carbon fullerenes.
In 1993, he joined the Institute for Numerical Research in the Physics of Materials (IRRMA), where his activity involved first-principles simulation methods.
In 1998, he was awarded the EPFL Latsis Prize for his research work on disordered silica materials. Succeeding in grant programs of the Swiss National Science Foundation, he then set up his own research group at IRRMA.
In July 2003, he was appointed Professor in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics at EPFL. Currently, he leads the Chair of Atomic Scale Simulation.

Main Publications

Interface structure between silicon and its oxide by first-principles molecular dynamics, A. Pasquarello, M. S. Hybertsen, and R. Car, Nature 396, 58 (1998).

Ring currents in icosahedral C60, A. Pasquarello, M. Schlueter, and R. C. Haddon, Science 257, 1660 (1992).

Origin of the high-frequency doublet in the vibrational spectrum of vitreous SiO2, J. Sarnthein,  A. Pasquarello, and R. Car, Science 275, 1925 (1997).

First solvation shell of the Cu(II) aqua ion: Evidence for fivefold coordination, A. Pasquarello, I. Petri, P. S. Salmon, O. Parisel, R. Car, E. Toth, D. H. Powell, H. E. Fischer, L. Helm, and A. E. Merbach, Science 291, 856 (2001).

Ab initio  molecular dynamics for d-electron systems: Liquid copper at 1500 K, A. Pasquarello, K. Laasonen, R. Car, C. Lee, and D. Vanderbilt, Physical Review Letters 69, 1982 (1992).

Si 2p core-level shifts at the Si(001)-SiO2 interface: a first-principles study, A. Pasquarello, M. S. Hybertsen and R. Car, Physical Review Letters 74, 1024 (1995).

Identification of Raman defect lines as signatures of ring structures in vitreous silica, A. Pasquarello and R. Car, Physical Review Letters 80, 5154 (1998).

Car-Parrinello molecular dynamics with Vanderbilt ultrasoft pseudopotentials, K. Laasonen, A. Pasquarello, R. Car, C. Lee, and D. Vanderbilt, Physical Review B 47, 10142 (1993).

Accurate theory of excitons in GaAs/GaAlAs quantum wells, L. C. Andreani and A. Pasquarello, Physical Review B 42, 8928 (1990).

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