Prof. Mats Julius Stensrud

Prof. Mats J. Stensrud, MD, Dr. philos, is a tenure-track assistant professor of statistics at EPFL. Stensrud holds degrees in mathematics, medicine and statistics. His research background spans from statistical methodology and causal theory to experimental neuroscience and clinical medicine. Before joining EPFL in 2020, Stensrud was a Fulbright scholar and Kolokotrones fellow at Harvard School of Public Health. He has also worked as a clinical medical doctor and postdoctoral researcher in Oslo.

Stensrud’s current research is focused on developing new theory and methods that can be used to analyse data. In particular, he is tailoring methods to answer questions that are practically meaningful. Such questions often concern causal effects and mechanisms. Many of Stensrud’s works have therefore concerned interpretation, identification and estimation of causal parameters.  A key aim is that these methods can be applied by imposing assumptions that are transparent and scientifically falsifiable.

Stensrud also has substantive interest in applying novel methods to real-data. Given his background in medicine, many of his empirical research projects focus on problems in (bio)medicine and epidemiology.

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