Upcoming seminars 2024

Dr. Julien Royer (Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse) will present a talk on February 23rd, 2024, invited by Dr. François Genoud

Dr Bjoern Bringmann (IAS & Princeton University) will present a talk on March 1st, 2024, invited by Prof. Georgios Moschidis

Prof. Enrique Zuazua (FAU -Erlangen-Nuremberg) will present a talk on March 8th, 2024, invited by Prof. Maria Colombo

Dr. Federico Glaudo (IAS-Princeton) and Tobias König ( Univ. Frankfurt) will present a talk on March 15th, 2024, invited by Prof. Maria Colombo

Prof. Anuj Kumar (Berkeley) will present a talk on March 22nd,2024, invited by Prof. Maria Colombo

Dr. Ayman Said (Cambridge Univ.) will present a talk on April 12th, 2024, invited by Prof. Maria Colombo

Prof. Giuseppe Maria Coclite (Polytechnic University of Bari) will present a talk on April 19th, 2024, invited by Prof. Maria Colombo

Prof. Eric Séré (Université Paris-Dauphine) will present a talk on April 26th, 2024, invited by Dr Boris Buffoni

Prof. Emil Wiedemann (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) will present a talk on 10th May, 2024, invited by Prof. Maria Colombo

Prof. Erik Wahlén (Lund University) will present a talk on May 17, 2024, invited by Dr Boris Buffoni

Prof. Thomas Bartsch (Justus Liebig University Giessen) will present a talk on May 31, 2024, invited by Dr Boris Buffoni

Simon Schulz (SNS Pisa) will present a talk on June 7th, 2024, invited by Prof. Maria Colombo

Season 2023-2024

Dr. Vikram GiriUniv. of PrincetonOctober 6th
MA B1 11
The Onsager Conjecture in 2DProf. Maria Colombo
Dr. Florian SchweigerUNIGEOctober 13th
MA B1 11
Gaussian Random Interface Models and Discrete Green’s FunctionsProf. Maria Colombo
Anna SkorobogatovaUniv. PrincetonNovember 14th
Higher Codimension Area-Minimizers: Structure of Singularities and Uniqueness of Tangent ConesProf. Maria Colombo
Prof. Federico PasqualottoUC-BerkeleyNovember 24th
MA B1 11
From Instability to Singularity Formation in Incompressible FluidsProf. Maria Colombo
Prof. Denis SerreENS LyonDecember 8th
MA B1 11
Dispersion and Regularity for Scalar Conservation Laws in Several Space DimensionsProf. Maria Colombo
Dr. Lars Eric HientzschUnvi. BielefeldDecember 15th
MA B1 11
On the ill-posedness of the 2D Boussinesq equations in the class of bounded initial dataProf. Maria Colombo
Dr. Julien RoyerInstitut de Mathématiques de ToulouseFebruary 23rd
MA B1 11
Local Energy Decay and Low Frequency Asymptotics for the Schrödinger EquationProf. François Genoud
Prof. Enrique ZuazuaFAU-Erlangen-NurembergMarch 8th
MA B1 11
Control and Machine LearningProf. Maria Colombo
Dr. Federico GlaudoIAS-PrincetonMarch 15th
MA B1 11
Besicovitch 1/2 Conjecture and Linear ProgrammingProf. Maria Colombo
Dr. Tobias KönigUniv. FrankfurtMarch 15th
MA B1 11
Existence of minimizers for the Bianchi-Egnell stability inequalityProf. Maria Colombo
Prof. Anuj KumarBerkeleyMarch 22
MA B1 11
Prof. Maria Colombo
Dr. Ayman SaidCambridge Univ.March 29th
MA B1 11
Prof. Maria Colombo
Prof. Giuseppe Maria CoclitePolytechnic Univ. of BariMA B1 11Prof. Maria Colombo

Season 2022-2023

Prof. Maria EstebanUniversité Paris Dauphine (FR)October 14, at 14:15
MA B1 11
Spectral results and open problems for Dirac-Coulomb operators with general charge distributionsDr B. Buffoni
Prof. François HamelAix-Marseille Université (FR)November 25, at 14:15
MA B1 11
Symmetry properties for the Euler equations and related semilinear elliptic equationsDr B. Buffoni
Elia BruéScuola Normale Superiore PisaJanuary 27, at 14:15
CM 1 113
dInstability and non-uniqueness in fluid dynamicsProf. Maria Colombo
Prof. Mats EhrnströmNorwegian University of Science and TechnologyMarch 17, at 14:15
MA B1 524
On two new constructions of solitary waves of the nonlinear and nonlocally dispersive Whitham equationDr B. Buffoni
Luis Martinez-ZoroaICMAT MadridApril 21stInstantaneous loss of regularity for SQG with fractional diffusionProf. Maria Colombo
Prof. Michele Coti ZelatiImperial College LondonApril 28th Diffusion and mixing for two-dimensional Hamiltonian flowsProf. Maria Colombo
Prof. Louis JeanjeanUniversité de Franche-ComtéMay 12Normalized solutions of mass-supercritical NLS equations on compact metric graphsProf. François Genoud

Season 2021-2022

Prof. John TolandUniversity of Bath (UK)October 1st
on Zoom
Path connectedness in global bifuraction theoryDr B. Buffoni
Prof. Tobias WethGoethe-Universität Frankfurt, GermanyNovember 5
MA B1 11 and Zoom
Symmetry breaking for ground states of biharmonic nonlinear Schrödinger equationsDr B. Buffoni
Massimiliano Gubinelli
Bonn University15 October
MA B1 11 and
Zoom link
Meeting ID: 879 8468 4200
Passcode: 255255
Roughness of generic functions. Part I: ρ-irregularity, properties and some applications to ODEs and PDEsProf. M.
Lucio GaleatiBonn University29 October
MA B1 11
Roughness of generic functions. Part II: prevalence of mixing and enhanced dissipationProf. M.
Enno LenzmannBasel
12 November
MA B1 11
Solitons for Calogero-Moser NLS and the prescribed Q-curvature problemProf. J.
Gian Michele GrafETH-CH
19 November
MA B1 11
Topology in shallow water-waves: a violation of bulk-edge correspondenceProf. J.
Peter HinzETH Zürich
26 November
Quasinormal modes of small black holes
Prof. J.
Hyunju KwonETH Zürich1st April
CM 1 113
Euler flows with local energy dissipationProf. M. Colombo
Vincent DuchêneUniv. of Rennes, France29th April
CM 1 113
Rectifying a deep water model for water wavesDr. B. Buffoni

Damià Torres-LatorreUniv. of Barcelona13th May
CM 1 113
Optimal Regularity for Supercritical Parabolic Obstacle ProblemsProf. M. Colombo
Thomas DuyckaertsUniversité Sorbonne Paris Nord3rd June
CM 1 113
Global dynamics for radial critical wave equationsProf. F. Genoud
Michele DolceImperial College London3rd June
CM 1 113
On maximally mixed equilibria of two-dimensional perfect fluidsProf. M. Colombo
Xavier LamyUniversité de Toulouse14th June
MA A1 10
On anisotropic harmonic maps from a 2d annulus into the circleProf. M. Colombo
Paolo BonicattoUniversity of Warwick29th June
GR CO 01
Representation of the total variation as a Gamma-limit of BMO-type seminormsProf. M. Colombo
Paolo BonicattoUniversity of Warwick1st of July
Prof. M. Colombo

Season 2020-2021

Dr. Filip RindlerUniversity of Warwick30 Octobre
Attention! the new Zoom link is on the e-mail
Rigidity and compensated compactness for measuresDr. Emanuela Radici
Prof. Mathieu LewinCNRS & Université Paris Dauphine6 November 
Meeting ID: 869 0166 3341
Passcode: 504895
Zoom link
New results on the Lieb-Thirring inequalityProf. M. Lemm
Prof. Benjamin SchleinUniversity of Zurich20 November
Meeting ID: 813 7368 1403
Passcode: 912069
Zoom link
Bogoliubov theory for trapped Bose-Einstein condensatesProf. M. Lemm
Prof. Stefan Le CozInstitut de Mathématiques de Toulouse27 Novembre
Ground states on nonlinear quantum graphsDr. F. Genoud
Prof. Antonio De RosaDept. of Mathematics,
Univ. of Maryland
4 December
Zoom link
ID : 843 6541 0110
Passcode: 583629
Regularity of anisotropic minimal surfacesProf. M. Colombo
Dr. Mitia DuerinckxUniversité Paris – Saclay11 December 
Zoom link
Meeting ID: 862 9472 2722
Passcode: 248678
On the Bourgain-Spencer conjecture in stochastic homogenizationProf. M. Lemm
Dr. Alessandro PigatiCourant Institute of Mathematical Sciences,
18 December
Zoom link
Meeting ID: 820 1538 3164
Passcode: 486331
Codimension two area and Yang-Mills-HiggsProf. M. Colombo
Prof. Simone WarzelTU Munich5 March
Zoom link
Spectral Gaps, Incompressibility and Fragmented Matrix-Product States in Fractional Quantum Hall Systems

Prof. M. Lemm
Federico FranceschiniETH Zürich12 March
Zoom link
The singular set in the obstacle problemProf. M. Colombo
Dr. Simona Rota NodariInstitut de Mathématiques de Bourgogne19 March
Zoom link
On a nonlinear Schrödinger equation: uniqueness, non-degeneracy and applicationsDr. F. Genoud
Dr. Dallas Albritton
Courant Institute at NYU26 March
Zoom link
Meeting ID 879 8468 4200
Password 255255
On Shear and Diffusion in Fluid FlowsProf. M. Colombo
Prof. Aleksandr LogunovPrinceton University16 April
Zoom link
Meeting ID: 813 2243 9899
Passcode: 598489
Nodal sets, Quasiconformal mappings and how to apply them to Landis’ conjectureProf. M. Lemm
Prof. David DamanikRice University30 April
Zoom link
at 16:15 instead of 14:15

Schrödinger operators with potentials generated by hyperbolic transformations
Prof. M. Lemm

Spring 2019 and Season 2019-2020

Prof. Yvan MartelEcole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France6 March 2020Multi-soliton long time asymptotics of solutions of the damped nonlinear Klein-Gordon equations Prof.J. Krieger
Prof. Elia BruèScuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, Italy21 FebruaryPropagation of regularity for transport equations with non-Lipschitz velocity fields and applications Prof. M. Colombo
Prof. Thomas KappelerUniversity of Zurich, Switzerland6 December 2019On low regularity solutions of the Benjamin-Ono equation on the torusDr B. Buffoni
Nicola ViscigliaUniversità Degli Studi di Pisa, Italy29 NovemberQuasi-invariant measures for the nonlinear Schrödinger equationProf. J. Krieger
Massimiliano BertiSISSA, Trieste, Italy15 NovemberLong time dynamics of water wavesProf. J. Krieger
Prof. Thierry GallayInstitut Fourier, Univ. Grenoble Alpes, France24 MaySpectral stability of inviscid columnar vorticesDr. B. Buffoni
Prof. Xavier Ros-OtonUniv. Zürich, Suisse17 MayOn the Size of the Singular Set in the Stefan ProblemProf. M. Colombo
Dr. Andrea MarcheseUniv. Pavia, Italy10 MayOn the Geometry of Soap Films and Soap BubblesProf. M. Colombo
Prof. Gabriella PinzariUniv. Padova, Italy10 MayApplications of perturbative techniques to the N-body problemDr. B. Buffoni
Prof. Antti KnowlesUniv. de Geneve3 MayGibbs measures of nonlinear Schrödinger equations and many-body quantum mechanicsProf. J. Krieger
Dr. Federico StraEPFL-FSB-MATH-AMCV,12 AprilLinear Lipschitz and C^1 Extension Operators through Random ProjectionProf. M. Colombo
Dr. Simone Di MarinoInstituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica, Pisa, Italy05 AprilDuality for the Entropic Optimal Transport Problem and ApplicationsProf. M. Colombo
Prof. Gérard IoossProf. IUF émérite, LJAD, Nice, France05 AprilExistence of quasipatterns in the superposition of two hexagonal periodic patternsDr. B. Buffoni
Prof. Laura SpinoloIMATI-CNR, Pavia, Italy 15 MarchCharacteristic Boundary Layers for Mixed Hyperbolic-Parabolic Systems in One Space DimensionProf. M. Colombo
Prof. Gianluca CrippaUniv. Basel, Switzerland15 MarchUniqueness and Lagrangianity for Solutions with Lack of Integrability of the Continuity EquationProf. M. Colombo
Dr. Klaus WidmayerEPFL SB MATH PDE, Suisse08 MarchEnhanced Dissipation in the Navier-Stokes Equations near the Poiseuille FlowProf. J. Krieger
Dr. Paul PegonUniv. Paris-Dauphine CEREMADE, France01 MarchA fractal Optimal Shape in Branched TransportProf. M. Colombo
Prof. Eric SéréUniv. Paris-Dauphine, France22 FebruaryNASH-MOSER WITHOUT NEWTONDr. B. Buffoni

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