Optical reading for exams

We recommend two systems for the optical reading of multiple choice quizzes and exams.

  1. AutoMultipleChoice, (AMC) is an open-source software based on LaTeX.  AMC works with Linux (and can be used with MacOS, subject to some limitations).  It enables the creation of questions and it is possible to have both questions and answers presented in random order on individualised student answer sheets.  Answer sheets are then scanned and the scans can be read by AMC. More information can be found on the AMC website.
  2. Remark Office OMR, is a proprietary software which operates on a Windows system.  Exams can be created with a wide range of programmes (such as Word, Excel, etc.) using the fonts required by OMR.  As with AMC, the software will read and correct scanned versions of student answer sheets.

You may chose either of these two solutions depending on your prior technical knowledge (of Linux, LaTeX, etc.) and on the nature of your exam.  We can assist you in making this choice.

MCQ workshops

During the year a number of workshops are organised by the Teaching Support Centre on using multiple choice questions (MCQs).  The workshops address both the writing of MCQs and the technical aspects of processing MCQs using either of the two systems.  The dates of these workshops can be found on the “workshops and courses for teachers” page.

In the case of high demand within a given section or college, a specific workshop can be organised.

Scanning support service

In addition to the workshops, we provide a range of other supports to all lecturers or professors using MCQs.

For all classes
  • templates and/or scripts which have been tested with each software
  • access to our IT infrastructure including the AMC server and laptops with OMR installed
  • a helpline in case of technical problems
For larger classes (more than 50 students)

Classes with more than 50 students can also avail of additional supports:

  • use of a high performance scanner
  • extended technical support on layout of answer sheets.
For common first-year exams

In the case of common exams for first-year courses involving students from multiple sections, further support is offered:

  • logistical support for exam layout and preparation, printing, pre-scanning treatment, and scanning
  • pre-treatment of results to facilitate lecturers and professors in checking and validating scores.


  • For OMR:
    You can download a demonstration version which is sufficient to set up your exam and run a simulation. Please contact Ludovic Bonivento or Siara Isaac to book a laptop with the OMR software for processing your completed exams. Please consult this OMR step-by-step guide for assistance in preparing and processing your exams. You will also find at the bottom of this page the links to the character fonts used by OMR.
  • For AMC:
    Contact Ludovic Bonivento to get SSH access to our AMC server.  You can test AMC without having to install it. This AMC step-by-step guide will assist you in preparing and treating your exams.


In both cases, instructors are responsible for formatting, printing, scanning and processing their own exams, and for the security of the exam throughout this process.