Private foundations and private scholarships

Please find on this page some Swiss Foundation/Association or Universities Foundation scholarships offers.

Foundation linked with EPFL

The Orlando Lauti Foundation offers support grants to Master students in the Architecture or Civil Engineering Programmes. Preference will be given to Swiss or Italian nationals. The student has to prove that he spent at least one year at EPFL and passed the exams with success.


To have completed, at least, one year at EPFL


Deadline for applications: 15 May of each year

Please fill in the application form. The complete application (form + annexed documents) must be sent in one pdf document to [email protected] In the subject of the email, please write “Orlando Lauti scholarship application”

This fund provides financial support to an EPFL Master student from a developing country. The student has to prove that he spent at least one year at EPFL and passed the exams with success. Foundation website (in French only)


To have completed, at least, one year at EPFL


Deadline for applications: 15 December and 15 May of each year

Application form and annexed documents should be submitted to the Student desk.

Established in 2002 with assets from the Social Foundation, the Fondation pour les Etudiants de l’EPFL is dedicated to supporting students registered at the EPFL, in particular when their financial situation makes it difficult for them to complete their studies.

  • The Foundation may provide scholarships, help on accommodation, health support measures and any other form of material aid.
  • The Foundation supports projects in favour of the whole student community.
  • The Foundation also seeks to identify the necessary funding to carry out its mission.

The Zdenek et Michaela Bakala Fondation, Geneva is granting scholarships to students and research fellows to give them an opportunity to study at top-ranked universities in the United-States, the United Kingdom such as Cambridge, Harvard, Oxford, Stanford, Yale among others (this enumeration not being limitative or exhaustive).

The program is available to students or research fellows from different Swiss universities (from french-part and german part).

Students or research fellows with the highest academic merits but without the required financial resources to study at the foreign institution are eligible for the scholarships.

The scholarships seek to support students or research fellows in their academic careers, covering tuition fees as well as living expenses if required. The annual budget of CHF 200’000.- will be divided in 5 to 10 scholarships, in different amounts according to the needs and the type of studies.

The scholarships will cover studies in the foreign university in the following areas:

  • a complete Master diploma
  • one or more semesters during a Swiss Master
  • a Doctorate
  • one or more semesters during a Swiss Doctorate


  • academic excellence
  • financial needs
  • admission or pre-admission at the foreign university (must be provided at the latest for the interview)
  • registration at the Swiss university (minimum during the 3 last years)
  • most preferably resident in Switzerland during the last 5 years (for tax reasons)


The application must be sent to the university where the student or research fellow is registered within the indicated deadlines.

The complete application (form + annexed documents) must be sent in one pdf document to [email protected].In the subject of the email, please write “Zdenek and Michaela Bakala scholarship application”

Deadlines and selection procedure

Application: 1 March of each year

Pre-selection (by a Selection Committee of the Swiss university composed of professor(s) from the student/research fellow’s field of study and representatives of the Mobility Departments), interview (In Geneva and in English) and final decision: between April and June of each year. Please see details on the Foundation website.

Vahabzadeh Foundation provides grants and loans to students and also to EPFL students. Applicants must be Iranian or Swiss whose cantons of origin is in the French part of Switzerland. The Foundation also awards grants for academic publications and for stays abroad.


Age: between 16 and 35 years
Iranian or Swiss whose cantons of origin is in the French part of Switzerland
Bachelor or master student at EPFL
To have completed, at least, one semester at EPFL

Useful information

Scholarships are given depending on the budget, extensions are given during the studies at EPFL
Punctual scholarships for stays abroad of minimum one semester (exchange semester or master project)


Files should include the following documents:

  • Motivation letter
  • Copy of the passport/ID
  • Copy of the residence permit (if existing)
  • CV including family situation and career plan
  • Grades from preparatory year or Bachelor exam
  • Budget for the given academic year including supporting evidence for the applicant’s economic circumstances as well as from his parents (tax return, bank statements, etc.)
  • Full statement of existing financial help to the applicant, including supporting evidence
  • Signed written statement certifying the accuracy and completeness of the application

Deadline for applications: 1st Mars and 1st October of each year

The complete application must be sent in one pdf document to [email protected]. In the subject of the email, please write “Vahabzadeh scholarship application”

The Giveka Foundation offers scholarships to Swiss or French students, which are disabled due to an illness or an accident and who need help to go back to studies or to complete their studies.

Scholarship applications must be done with this form.

The complete application (form + annexed documents) must be sent in one pdf document to [email protected] In the subject of the email, please write “Giveka scholarship application”


Other Foundations

The Erna Hamburger Foundation offers support grants to women with a Master’s degree following a continuing education course or their last PhD year at EPFL or Lausanne University. These grants are open to both Swiss and foreign nationals.

More information on their website: Foundation

The ACUBE Foundation of the Alumni Association A3-EPFL grants loans to members of the Association wishing to broaden their education and professional experience. Support is usually granted in the form of a interest-free loan repayable within 3 to 5 years (max. CHF 20,000).

Applications can be submitted throughout the year.

More Information available on the Site of the Association

Postgraduate studies at the University of Oxford (Lincoln College), in all disciplines. These are available to graduates of French-speaking Swiss universities and EPFL who are Swiss or Liechtenstein nationals. Sound knowledge of both spoken and written English is required.

Information available on their website.

The Swiss Study Foundation promotes inquisitiveness, motivation and responsibility.

Since 1991 the Swiss Study Foundation supports excellent students at universities and technical colleges who due to their personality, creativity and intellectual skills are in a position to contribute to science, business, culture and politics. The Foundation offers them learning opportunities complementary to their studies, an individual mentoring and guidance scheme as well as financial support.

For more information please consult:

bono pro association supports deserving students who could otherwise no attend tertiary education in Switzerland. The support is financial (honor loan) and practical (coaching). In exchange, beneficiaries are expected to sponsor a student when they are in a position to do so.

To apply, candidates must:

  • Have successfully completed their 1st year of university studies
  • Write a motivation letter
  • Attach a detailed budget
  • Be in a position to demonstrate they have “exhausted” traditional scholarships demands
  • Beyond the formal conditions, members of the association attach great importance to supporting deserving students – a criteria not exclusively based on academic results.

More information at on their website or get in touch with [email protected]

To encourage female graduates of EPFL to develop professional careers, WISH offers assistance targeted at the real obstacles which they will encounter after their studies.

Personalised financial assistance to pursue studies or training (grants), to publish (help with costs), to get themselves known (travel grants), to reconcile the demands of career and family (help with child care costs).

More information on their website

The Zeno Karl Schindler Foundation supports, encourages and develops top research in the fields of engineering and environmental sciences as well as of medieval languages and literature.

The ZKS-Foundation realizes its aim principally by subsidizing research projects, by granting subsidies and scholarships to researchers and academics of any nationality who devote themselves to afore-mentioned fields of research.

The ZKS-Foundation also proceeds by granting prizes or other rewards for new and important research work in said domains.

The ZKS-Foundation can also make donations to universities of all countries for their needs in research equipment as well as support conferences and other scientific meetings.

The ZKS-Foundation is managed by a Foundation Council which consists of five members one of whom is the Founder; the other four members being two representatives of the Université de Genève and two other of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne EPFL. The Foundation Council has all necessary decisional powers to ensure the finalization of the Foundation’s purposes. It can, nevertheless, call on external specialists.

More information on their website

Charles-Edouard Guillaume Foundation inform us that they are delivering social scholarship for students in microengineering.

More information on this document.


Please contact the Foundation to get the application form.


Fondation Charles-Edouard Guillaume
Monsieur F. Matile
c/o Convention patronale de l’industrie horlogère suisse
Avenue Léopold Robert 65
2301 La Chaux-de-Fonds
e-mail : [email protected]
Tél: +41 (0)32 910 03 83
Fax: +41 (0)32 910 03 84

The Heinrich J. Klein foundation wants to support international scientific exchange by providing scholarships to students who want to pursue their studies abroad.

Requirements and documents for the application are available on this page.

Within the Foundation’s area of funding, the Hasler Foundation is able to give grants to students who are permanently resident in Switzerland. However, a grant is only awarded where above-average results can be expected and only in special cases where state grants are not available.

More information on this website.

This Excellence Photonics Scholarship is granted for students who have demonstrated superior skills during their Bachelor and have chosen or have been accepted in the Optical engineering specialization of the Microengineering master.

This scholarship, worth CHF 10’000.- is sponsored by Swiss Photonics an organization whose goal is to strengthen the links between industry and academy in the field of photonics as well as promoting education in the optical sciences.

Open for the academic period 2019-2020.

Deadline for registration: 28 September 2019

Send your cv, bachelor’s school report and cover letter to Professor Christophe Moser