EDBB available PhD Positions

Research Groups with available PhD Positions

Next Hiring Days session: June 19-21, 2019 (this page will be updated as we are informed of new positions becoming available). Meanwhile, do not hesitate to contact the laboratories which interest you to find out whether they have upcoming openings for PhD students.

  • Diego GHEZZI – Neuro Engineering Laboratory / Interschool Institute of Bioengineering / School of Engineering

Validation of a wide-field injectable retinal prosthesis

We have designed a wide-field injectable retinal prosthesis (POLYRETINA) embedding more than 10,000 photovoltaic pixels able to provide wireless stimulation to retinal ganglion cells. The candidate will lead a project to fabricate and validate POLYRETINA in view of a early feasibility clinical trial.

  • Pavan RAMDYA – Neuroengineering Laboratory / Brain Mind Institute / School of Life Sciences

In the Neuroengineering Laboratory, we investigate the nervous system of the fly, Drosophila melanogaster, to understand how behaviors are controlled and to design more intelligent robots and prosthetics. Everyday we use custom microscopes, transgenic animals, computational models, and insect-inspired robots. Join us! There is much to discover!

For more details, see web pages of the EDBB program’s potential thesis directors.