Electrical Engineering The program is the focal point among those who develop micro/nano electronics circuits and systems, information technologies and electrical energy systems.

The Electrical Engineering Doctoral program offers a unique opportunity for

cutting-edge research in electrical and computing engineering: micro/nano-electronics and embedded systems design, information and communication technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning, smart grid science and technology, and related disciplines,

  • interdisciplinary research spanning a wide spectrum of programs across the campus (e.g. Center of Intelligent Systems, Space Centre, Centre for Biomedial Imaging, EcoCloud, etc.),
  • internships in leading industrial labs,
  • top employment after graduation.

The EE doctoral program (EDEE) is the focal point among those who develop new micro/nano electronics circuits and biosening technologies, computing and communication systems, and information and communication technologies including the new wave of artificial intelligence. Moreover, synergies between circuits and signal processing applied to energy distribution, are important motivations for the EE doctoral program. The combination of devices, circuits, multi-objective design methodologies and machine learning algorithms (particularly deep learning), applied to micro/nano computing and communication systems, gives to EDEE a consistent front of interlaced technologiesto build the next-generation of intelligent systems for the Internet-of-Things (IoT) era.

The program exposes students to this multidisciplinary atmosphere of interlaced technologies through a cutting-edge curriculum composed of a lively combination of coursework, laboratory research and seminars.

EPFL is ranked as the top university in continental Europe in the area of engineering and the EE Doctoral Program will offer students the education necessary to become leaders in fast-paced, high-tech industries and academia.

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Prof. Anja Skrivervik

Valérie Maillard

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