About us

Mission Statement

UASP, University Association for Spanish People, is an EPFL based association which main aims are, on the one hand, to create a space of dialogue between any interested culture and the Spanish culture, and on the other hand, be a social hub for the Spanish community in Swiss universities.

When an individual interacts with other cultures, we think that it is pretty easy to fall into cliché, in prejudice. UASP´s mission is to provide arguments for people to get to know the richness of Spanish culture. Knowledge vs Cliché. As a consequence, we are interested in all kind of projects susceptible of getting people to know our culture and giving opportunities of interacting with any other interested culture. Thereby, we intend to promote multicultural dialogue for mutual enrichment through our similarities and differences.
Moreover, UASP aims to be a social hub for the Spanish community generating bonds within people, whether they are Spanish students, researchers or businessmen interested in interacting with the Swiss university or business world. For instance, this implies facilitating the integration of any Spanish person willing to pursue studies or work in a Swiss university.
In order to achieve our goals, we organize throughout the year a series of events that can be explored at the page “Scheduled Events” or on our Facebook page. Regarding any doubt, comment or suggestion do not hesitate to contact us. We always remain interested in hearing from you.