PolyPhys Buddy Program

Introducing the PolyPhys Buddy Program! Embarking on a PhD journey can be exciting yet overwhelming, and at PolyPhys, we want to ensure that every new student feels welcomed and supported. That’s why we’ve developed the Buddy System, a program designed to help incoming physics PhD students smoothly transition into life at EPFL. Upon arrival, new students can be matched with a ‘buddy’ – a more seasoned PhD student who has been part of the EPFL community for at least a year. Your buddy is your go-to person for invaluable guidance on practical matters like finding accommodation, navigating the EPFL campus, or overcoming bureaucratic challenges. But that’s not all. They’re also there to help you socialize and integrate into our vibrant PolyPhys community, EPFL as a whole, and the beautiful city of Lausanne.

It’s important to note that a buddy is not a substitute for your official academic mentor, but rather a supportive friend and a familiar face during your initial journey at EPFL. We warmly invite all new students to sign up for a buddy, and for our experienced students to register as potential buddies. Together, we can make EPFL an even more welcoming place for our incoming physics scholars. Let’s embark on this journey of discovery together!


You are new to EPFL and would like to have a Buddy?

New to EPFL as a physics PhD student? Join our Buddy System! Your assigned buddy, an experienced peer, will guide you through the initial stages of your journey, helping with practical matters and easing your integration into the PolyPhys community. Embrace a smoother transition to life at EPFL – sign up using the link below!

You are already some time at EPFL and would like to be a Buddy for newcomig physics PhD students?

Are you an experienced physics PhD student at EPFL? Consider becoming a buddy! By providing guidance and support to newcomers, you’ll play a crucial role in helping them transition smoothly into life at EPFL. Join our Buddy System and make a significant impact on a fellow scholar’s early PhD journey. Register as a buddy using the link below!