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   Here is a non-exhaustive list of some of the activities & events that the EPC is organizing throughout the year:

Pizza Optics & Beer (POB)

The “Pizza, Optics & Beer” event, or shortly POB, is our monthly informal meeting and seminar to exchange the latest news in the photonics community at EPFL.

The monthly event was initiated in order to create a networking platform for master and PhD students, and scientific collaborators. In a loose frame where pizza and beer (and non-alcoholic beverages) are served, an invited speaker presents his or her work and the lab he or she is working in. The talk is separated into two parts, where the first is a very general introduction which allows the audience to sort in the specific work of the speaker which is presented in the subsequent part. The subsequent apero offers possibilities not only to discuss the matter but also to network within EPFL’s photonics community.

Even if the subject might not always fit to your field, we encourage the speakers to keep the first part of the presentation in a way, that everybody can follow and learn something. Join us and get to know the photonics community!

Visiting Lecturers

The EPFL Photonics Chapter holds at least 2 “Visiting Lecturer” events every year, sponsored by the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE) and the Optical Society (OPTICA). We will be inviting special guests throughout the year to visit EPFL and give enlightening and diverse talks to our members. This is in-line with our chapter’s commitment and efforts to diffuse knowledge in the field of photonics, in addition to fostering scientific, technical, and personal skills within the photonics community at EPFL.

Lab and Company visits

Summer BBQ


Hike and other activities