EPIC Board Games

Virtual Game Nights

Due to the current situation of cams & mics taking over eyes & ears, our game nights happen at http://tinyurl.com/epic-game-room. Watch out for updates on the IC PhD’s Slack.

When the coup’s over, we sometimes have board game nights during which we bring out our own arsenal of games for people to enjoy. We also ask people to contribute with their own games if they’d like to.

We’re happy to lend out board games to EPIC students, but to ensure fair play (hehe), here are some guidelines:

  1. EPIC Board GamesBoard games are borrowed from the EPIC committee members (You can check the availability here and place a request here or contact Yugesh Kothari/Can Cebeci).
  2. All games must be returned to EPIC before the next game night.
  3. Anyone who borrows a game must check that all pieces are there. If a piece/pieces are missing the last person to borrow it takes responsibility.
  4. Taking responsibility means this person has to either find the missing piece or buy EPIC a new version of this game if they cannot find the missing piece and it is crucial to the game. But they get to keep the old, now slightly faulty game.

Here’s the list of games we have. Unfortunately some of them have instructions in German..

  1. Catan (+ Expansion pack)
  2. Exploding Kittens
  3. Citadelles
  4. Werewolf (german)
  5. Ticket to Ride (german)
  6. Dixit
  7. Munchkin
  8. Carcassone (+ Inns & Cathedrals Expansion)
  9. The Resistance
  10. Bang! (german)
  11. KuhHandel (german)
  12. Coup (german)
  13. 7 Wonders
  14. The Crew: Mission Deep Sea
  15. Galaxy Trucker